Forsys: Accelerating Your business Goals with Turnkey Solutions

Jaya Prasad,   CEOOracle's database systems, as well as its cloud products and services, are among the company's most popular offerings. Today, Oracle is a major supplier of information management software and database solutions. Through out its history, Oracle has prioritized business demands while keeping up with technological developments and advancements. As a result, new features are regularly added to it.

Forsys is an Oracle Gold certified cloud excellence installation partner that specializes in ERP Fusion Cloud Financials and Fusion Cloud SCM operations. We are also a well-known integration vendor with extensive experience with Oracle Integration Cloud. We are committed to assisting our customers in developing resilient and responsive supply chains as well as providing actionable financial information. Forsys, as cloud transformation experts, has assisted companies in migrating to the Cloud by employing Oracle-based tools, accelerators, and QA automation frameworks.

"Our people are our greatest asset. Although we are a client-focused organization,I would describe Forsys as an employee-focused organization. We have always believed in the development of our employees. Our efforts are geared around determining how to scale up our talent and build their career trajectories. We have our own learning and development division (L&D). For this, we
regularly conduct training sessions and aim to upskill the workforce, which helps us tremendously with employee retention. Furthermore, we have been consistently focusing on delivering best-in-class customer experiences by exceeding prospective clients' expectations", says Jaya Prasad, CEO at Forsys.

Forsys brings 25 years of unmatched experience in driving innovation through technologies and unparalleled knowledge. Forsys provides software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service. The company also has expertise in interfacing with third party systems, allowing clients to implement their business operations with minimal change in functionality. Furthermore, software-as-a-service includes many modules such as finance, supply chain, and others that are connected within the system to offer vital reports in a timely manner.

When we work with a customer, we go deep into the discovery phase, where we deal with upgrading or moving the client's activities to the cloud; thus under standing business operations in order to provide appropriate solutions

"When we work with a customer, we go deep into the discovery phase, where we deal with upgrading or relocating the client's activities to the cloud. We strive to thoroughly understand business operations in order to provide appropriate solutions. Following the discovery phase, we do a proof of concept to bridge the gap or remove silos to guarantee that overall operations run smoothly and effectively," highlights Jaya.

Spearheading Company’s Growth
Jaya Prasad is an Oracle implementation specialist who has been instrumental in propelling the company's expansion. Jaya Prasad is also supported by a capable team of seasoned professionals and a solid infrastructure. Forsys currently serves more than 100 customers from various industrial verticals.

"Going forward, we wish to be a key leader, when it comes to Oracle implementation. We are constantly trying to brand ourselves as one of the most trustworthy partners right from midsize to large size companies. Further, we are expanding our presence across various geographic locations which includes Australia and Asia Pacific regions. We are strongly making our presence felt in India by offering best-in-class solutions to make businesses future-ready", concludes Jaya.