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Praveena Sridhar,,Head-Business Development

Praveena Sridhar,

Head-Business Development

The business environment in present times has become very complicated. The level of competition is increasing, and so are the expectations of customers. This makes it essential that businesses use their resources efficiently. This is possible only through the integration of technology with business operations. These technology trends not only help in reducing the wastage of resources but also help modernize the functions. One such technology that can help businesses to streamline their operations is Enterprise resources, planning. Significantly, Fliksoft Technologies is a leading supplier of ERP-based business software solutions and business services to customers in India and the Middle East region. The firm provides a wide gamut of end-to-end solutions that is a specialized mix of domain acquaintance, technological expertise, and quality services. All the services and solutions are provided as per the clients' requirements which accurately suit their specifications to achieve some of the important parts of the business operations by taking advantage of tally customization.

The firm stays abreast with the latest trends in the market and is continually evolving the range of business software and services. The range includes software to manage the business' finances, run the payroll, manage customer & supplier relationships, plan the business and support the HR function. The
software ranges from accounts, payroll, forecasting, business intelligence to customer relationship management, e-business, and help for startups. It is offering its services to various segments and industrial verticals which include manufacturing, trading, contracting& construction, warehouse management, fleet management, production, fixed asset management, real estate & property management, facility management, and the mining industry.

Fliksoft provides a wide gamut of end-to-end solutions that is a specialized mix of domain acquaintance, technological expertise, and quality services

Over the past two decades, Fliksoft has customized various needs of the customers from different segments and industries. The firm has gone through a project cycle with each of them which includes making System requirement documents, system design, development & testing, implementation & training. Praveena Sridhar, Head Business Development, Fliksoft Technologies,adds “There are times where multiple iterations are required to freeze a single phase of the project. The total project period varies from 15 days to six months depending on depth and complexity. From a few thousand of such projects, we have shortlisted a little over hundred such customizations, which are popular & general, and with little further customization, they can be adapted and implemented in the company. Now no more painful project cycle, no uncertainties, and no lead time, just a call to our Tally Expert, they will take the clients through a list of solutions applicable to their Industry. A detailed demonstration is given for the solutions selected by them. If any of the applicable solutions are 95 percent fitment for them, then with little customization, the same can be implemented at their place with less effort on both sides, less time and cost".

Fliksoft has proficient teams of highly trained enthusiasts which include industry experts, accountants, and entrepreneurs who are passionate to deliver the best solution to customers. The collective experience and commitment of the people in answering millions of customer queries means that Fliksoft more often than not understands the problems the customers face today and tomorrow. "Through our people, business software, services, and our partners, we are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to achieve their ambitions by helping them to overcome the day-to-day business challenges, so that they can take their business to the next level and achieve the goals they always desired “concludes Praveena..