FlaktGroup: Blending Technology into Energy for Better Efficiency

Devraj Singh, MD,Sandeep Vasant, Head - Sales & Business Development

Devraj Singh, MD

Sandeep Vasant, Head - Sales & Business Development

The global Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) market size, which was $240.8 billion in 2019, is expected to reach $358.1 billion in 2030. HVAC demand is primarily driven by the advent of novel technologically advanced products. The use of natural refrigerants, coupled with a paradigm shift towards the adoption of energy efficient air conditioners that reduce cost and power consumption is expected to upkeep HVAC demand over the forecast period. Significantly, FläktGroup India is an acclaimed HVAC solution provider, manufacturing a wide range of energy efficient products under AHU’s,FAN’s andPrecision Air Conditioning segment. The product segments include high quality AHU’s, AHU with Controls, IDEC, Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Jet Thrust Fan for Basement Car Park Ventilation, Tunnel & Metro Fans, Close Control Units(CCU) also known as Precision Air conditioning units, Heat transfer coil and Heat Recovery Wheel with international certifications. The firm is committed to serving critical applications mainly as Life Sciences, Data Centres, Marine Oil & Gas, Navy, Building ventilation, Tunnel & Metro, Car Parks, Industries, Commercials and many more.

FläktGroup is a preferred partner of the customer as a holistic HVAC solution provider to meet their comfort and critical cooling applications. The Air handling units and Ventilation Fans segment of the firm has grown with the acquisition and integration of the renowned brand ‘Denco Happel’ a leading global manufacturer of Close Control Units for Data Centres worldwide.

“We are proud to say that we have been the preferred cooling partners in the last 2 years, for signing up rate contracts on cooling technology for the world’s second largest telecommunications market which is in India, spread across different cities,”signifies Sandeep Vasant.

With the increasing focus on Make in India products, FläktGroup India has been predominantly manufacturing in India since

FläktGroup is laying its emphasis on bringing more innovative and robust solutions from the product basket to address the current market requirements which eventually also increases its footprint and growth exponentially

1961 as compared to other OEMs who are now making the shift. FläktGroup India’s made in India solutions are not only offered to the domestic customers but also exported in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bhutan, Africa, and many more, all of whom have appreciated and acknowledged the company's ability to provide complete HVAC packaged solutions and meet their facility ventilation needs. “FläktGroup India strives to go a step ahead by customizing standard solutions for their customers, offered for such critical application. Our sales, service and application engineering teams go hand in hand for every project, offering the highest standards of energy efficiency combined with the zen of Innovation and Sustainability,” said Devraj Singh.

Gajanan Manjaramkar, Associate Director- Business Head India

FläktGroup India thrives in designing the best innovative and unique cooling solution which meet the customer’s vision on energy efficiency. The firm launched its Precision Air handling units(P-AHU) in Q3 of 2020 and the DX(A)Version that features a Free Cooling indoor unit stacked with Water Cooled circuit, in Q1 2021. The expected availablity of DX(A) units in India is by Q3 of 2021, this is rated as the best unit on efficiency as compared to any standard DX units. Moreover, these units suppress the usage of refrigerants thereby reducing the impact on both Ozone depletion and Global warming effects by reducing refrigerants usage to around 70% - 80% concluded by Gajanan Manjaramkar.

Sandeep Vasant, Head of Sales and Business Development - India

Given Covid situation worldwide, the firm has witnessed a paradigm shifting towards Hospitals, Pharma industry, Manufacturing hubs and Data Centres worldwide. Currently, FläktGroup is laying its emphasis on bringing more innovative and robust solutions from its product basket to address the current market requirements which eventually are also increasing its footprint and growth exponentially. “We foresee a fast-paced growth in FY 2021 and years to come at FläktGroup India, as we offer complete HVAC solutions to meet the cooling needs in such segments with our standard & non-standard product range and through our continuous innovation, plus developing off the shelf products to meet ever-changing demands from our customers,” concludes Devraj Singh.