Falco Peregrinus Technologies: Introducing Robust Ways To Simplify Technologies

We can learn a massive deal from nature. Nature gives some of the best lessons in all aspects of life.

The peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), also known as the peregrine, is a ubiquitous bird of prey (raptor) in the family Falconidae. The peregrine is renowned for its speed, reaching over 320 km/h (200 mph) during its characteristic hunting stoop (high-speed dive), making it the fastest bird in the world, as well as the fastest member of the animal kingdom. According to one study, it has the fastest visual processing speed of any animal tested so far, and can register discrete changes up to 129 Hz or cycles per second. Its bird eye view to triangulate its prey from soaring heights, and then its ability to race down to meet its target is transcendent. The discipline, precision, and sheer will to make any challenging leap is something to ponder upon and learn from.

So why are we talking about a species of bird? Much like the decision making capabilities and laser-sharp prowess of this bird, Falco Peregrinus Technologies Private Limited has been catering to a diverse set of business problems with utmost rigor. What this means is that Falco too takes a vantage point view of businesses, and the moment a problem surfaces, the company leaps-in, resolves the issue and takes its position back to continue its watch. Borrowing its name and attributes from this exotic creature, Falco Peregrinus is a consulting company with a high altitude of flight to empower the use of technology to simplify everyday life. Being a technology agnostic firm, Falco Peregrinus' USP lies in finding essential solutions to businesses' everyday problems. Businesses often run into bottlenecks that push them back from being presentable in the market. Being market-ready requires fair in-puts from a plethora of services, thought not limited to, but including product engineering.

Production engineering has all the necessary components to play a significant role in innovative development, becoming both an inspiration for this development and its main driving force. Production engineers use principles of engineering, mass production and technology to help companies find ways to offer services or create a product efficiently. Falco Peregrinus Technologies focuses on boosting startups and small & medium scale enterprises by providing technology interventions in product engineering & development, rand Management, Project Management as a service and many more. Based out of Bangalore, established in the August of 2018, Falco is a wide spectrum consulting company operating in Product Engineering, Learning & Development, Brand Management and Program Management verticals. Learning & Development vertical is also a passion area for the co-founder Ashok, who still fondly classifies himself as a Learning Technologist.

The firm is driven by a team of well trained and highly experienced individuals carrying over 250 collective years of hands-on technical experience in software development and maintenance of projects for leading multinational corporations. The team leverages its sheer professionalism in their work to help clients meet their end-to-end solutions. Falco, as a team, possesses diverse skill base and expertise across domains. The team also endows hands-on experience working in a variety of web content and intranet portals.

Trouble Shooting Problems Not Limited To Technology
The one thing that Falco Peregrinus takes pride in and which also differentiates the firm is its ability to look at problems not just from a technology perspective, but from a non-technology viewpoint too. It's not just about technology; it's also about intervening and resolving the challenge in the shortest possible time without compromising with the result.

Its Product development journey starts right from getting involved at the time of requirement gathering. Falso Peregrinus prefers to work as an extended arm to the clients and partners. Falco Peregrinus Technologies offers an entire UX (user experience) that plays a crucial role at the time of determining the product right up till assisting with logo designing to the customers. This also accounts for what Falco's expertise lies in; i.e. providing stylized but cost effective solutions. The organisation is also focused on providing architecture facility and the regular software development services to the clients. This particular institution helps the customers to look at any problem holistically. "I am not a coder, but I, as an entrepreneur, always keep a tab on the technology trends that could add value to our customers", says Ashok, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Falco Peregrinus Technologies. The holistic thinking is coupled
with natural instinct to travel abreast with technology trends and experts with 25-years of experience in the field. The entire team has a cumulative experience of more than 100 years across diverse segments. Ashok, for one, has been awarded with the Top 100 Learning Education Professionals at the Global Forum for Education & Learning held at Dubai. Even though the name of the company contains technology in it, Falco Peregrinus Technologies takes pride in being technology agnostic. Technology agnostic is a term that the organisation uses in the business that simply means that the company is unbiased towards the use of different technology tools to solve different problems. "Give us the problem, we will not only provide you with a solution, but we will provide it in the technology stack that you want and if you don't have a technology stack, we will come back and provide you a technology stack", assures Ashok.

Of late, an AI & analytical company wanted to transform its HR Department. The company wanted to merge HR function and analytics with a couple of other people functions, and create a product. Falco Peregrinus Technologies took the wheel in April 2019 by delving deep into the client's requirements, followed by immense brainstorming and meticulous research, and provided the client with the first set of codes in July 2019. The first and second versions of the product came-out in November 2019 and January 2020 respectively. The release of the third version was scheduled for May 2020.

Ashok,Co-Founder & Managing Director

Fixing The Learning Curve In Testing Times As Such
Learning needs to be managed. Yes! Though it may sound a bit frivolous, but in times like these, wherein a pandemic has affected the learning curve of pretty much every generation, managing the learning module sounds about right.

Falco Peregrinus Technologies is a product company with its operations spanning different areas, right from machine learning to e-learning to complex algorithms. Impersonating the bird's course of actions while hunting, this firm's approach lies in identifying the business problems with utmost precision in a broad periscope, building strategy, and then followed by evaluating the solution at exceptional speed.

The team at Falco has done an intricate study over the years and come to the conclusion that simplicity and flexibility are the catalysts that drive user engagement. Also, only a handful of platforms contain these catalysts. Falco specializes in the Learning Technology consulting and Learning management systems implementation with platforms like Moodle.

Impersonating the bird's course of actions while hunting, this firm's approach lies in identifying the business problems with utmost precision in a broad periscope, building strategy, and then followed by evaluating the solution at exceptional speed

Falco team puts on the table a cumulative experience in rapid e-learning mode, developing and running virtual classrooms, gamification of learning, pure online learning, and mobile learning. Bringing-in a diverse set of learning and content services, Falco Peregrinus concentrates on the core areas of Content Aggregation & Conversion, Learning Technology Consulting, Learning Management Systems, and Content Development Center of Excellence. More so, Falco works on and implement LMSs that assist the teaching staff in managing courses, users and roles. This allows creating multiple users possessing various access rights and different activities/actions performed on them. And addon feature also allows teachers to proceed with the online assessments and tracking student attendance with user feedbacks.

Notable Mentions Of Success
Falco Peregrinus believes that every problem is solvable irrespective of it being related to technology or other-wise. The company is known for identifying the problem, conceptualizing the solution and thereby implementing it in the minimum time frame, including minimum costs. The ability Falco Peregrinus has also implemented multiple Learning Management Systems for Fortune 500 companies using SAP LSO, Upside Learning Management System, Cornerstone, Docent, and L5 (Digital Think). The team of domain experts at Falco Peregrinus has extensive experience in using open source LMS and CMS like Moodle, Drupal, and Joomla.

For a custom learning solution provider, Falco Peregrinus implemented Upside LMS. In this venture, Falco developed custom SCORM API to address specific tracking requirements and a tool to convert existing offline training manuals to online, reducing development costs by 60 percent. The firm also conducted User Acceptance Testing and proposed product enhancements while having identified content development tools to help rapidly develop new e-learning content (SCORM frame work, Templates).

Looking Forward
Falco Peregrinus Technology is not a huge technology company with thou-sands of developers, but a 16 people strong team that possesses a huge amount of experience. Going forward, the organisation's aim is to deliver value propositions to the clients and partners worth more than $1 billion. The company is armed enough to derive that kind of value from the clients and partners' own businesses. Falco Peregrinus Technologies' mantra is that `if they grow, we will grow along.' The organisation wants to be amongst the top ten product development companies in the APAC region in the next 5-8 years.