Faac Technologies: Global Leaders In Offering Entrance Control Products & Solutions

 Andrea Marcellan,CEOIn India and South Asia, the market for entrance automation and control products & systems is expanding rapidly. The rising construction industry, infrastructure expansion, industrial development, and the desire for more security & comfort are the primary factors driving market growth. The last two and a half years of COVID have brought about new chances for this business, with technology playing a significant role in boosting growth. Companies which can reinvent themselves, incorporate new technologies into its product offerings, and respond to changing market demands perceive an increasing commercial potential.

FAAC Technologies is one of the global leaders in Entrance Control systems & solutions with a presence in more than 29 countries. In India & South Asia, FAAC Technologies has its presence through `Magnetic FAAC India' which is one of the market pioneers with a major state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for 20+ years and whose basic philosophy is to `Make-in-India' for the world, with exports being one pillar of growth. Its engineering development & experience centre in India improves customer experience for the whole South Asian market by impacting millions of people's lives every day to improve security, control, and comfort.

When asked about its approach to this expanding market, the CEO responded, `We in FAAC and Magnetic are investing in new technologies, growing organically through strategic investments and acquisitions. India is a key market for the group, and with the new regional structure in place, we are investing in building our teams and markets to accelerate our market presence".

Setting New Benchmarks
FAAC Technolgies has been in the door entrance control products for
the past 55+ years. An attitude that, for over 55 years, has pushed it to seek technological and sustainable solutions, from its group takes its new name. From now, FAAC Group' becomes `FAAC Technologies'. It has created a robust portfolio of products and solutions throughout the years. Its new smart line of products is

setting industry standards. Many of its devices were previously regarded as low-tech, but it is now changing that by enabling connectivity to its products, so opening-up a new world for end users, system integration partners, and distributors. With all its new range of products enabled with IoT, they see more opportunities.

"Our DNA is in the core of our product offering, which is the drive and the drive controls. We design, develop, and build the products & solutions through unique drives, be it Hydraulics, Brushless DC, direct drive and its controls. This provides us the ability to manage all types of applications, industries, and customer requirements", says the CEO when questioned about its USP.

In an interaction, the CEO also expressed that the company is in the Entrance Control industry and its customers come from a wide spectrum of industries or verticals with varied challenges. The most common challenges for all such customers are rapid movement of people & vehicles, security without compromise on comfort, and low downtime. He also added that all of its products and solutions are designed to meet its customer requirements, be it in vehicle entrance control or pedestrian entrance control products.

FAAC products are all created using cutting-edge technology. FAAC's new approach to automation, SAFE & GREEN, covers the concepts that have always been essential to FAAC's design philosophy. Its products are environmental friendly and designed in accordance with the relevant requirements. SAF zone, SAFE coder, and GREEN tech are some of the most recent and FAAC-patented innovations that assist it in providing the necessary safety & security for society and its consumers.

We in FAAC and Magnetic are investing in new technologies, growing organically through Strategic investments and acquisitions

FAAC in the Future
FAAC Technologies has lately announced a new pedestrian product ARES­ a new range of products for the APAC market under Magnetic Brand, as part of its planned projects and new ambitions. It also intends to incorporate it into their global product range in the near future. In addition, the CEO states, "We will see more such efforts in the coming years. India and South Asia are key markets for FAAC Technologies, and we are expanding our market reach by building our local competency in design, engineering, manufacturing, and support services. India will also become a hub for APAC regional supply chain & manufacturing, contributing to the overall growth of the region".