EZOPS: A Flexible, Data-Agnostic Cloud Native Platform Operating at The Intersection of AI & Automation

Saravanan Srinivasan, Bikram Singh & Dutt Chintalapati,FoundersFrom recent observations, it is quite safe to conclude that AI and its impact on business as well as society will see a quantum leap in coming years. A revolution that is predicted to replace human labor in the future, the age of AI has just commenced and the promising sector is on the cusp of taking off. Strategically positioned at the intersection of AI and Automation, EZOPS provides an innovative artificial intelligence-powered data control and automation solution, that drives hyper-automation.

EZOPS has emerged as a flexible, data-agnostic cloud-native platform, equipped with predictive exception management tools capable of automating data processes and eliminating ad-hoc manual interventions. EZOPS' mission is to enhance operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and reduce costs faced by clients. The company has been founded by a team of experienced financial industry veterans, Saravanan Srinivasan, Bikram Singh and Dutt Chintalapati. It is headquartered in the US. with engineering & product development hubs in US, India and Ireland.

Augmenting Clients' investments
EZOPS drives hyper-automation across the data lifecycle by providing a broad set of capabilities such as data transformation, data validation, reconciliation, predictive analytics and automation that incorporates AI at its core. Presently targeting banking and financial services - specifically money centre banks, asset managers, hedge funds and industry utilities, EZOPS is gradually expanding into the insurance market.
Highlighting the firm as not being just an AI framework, but a solution that incorporates domain knowledge with a specific focus on addressing data quality and process automation challenges, Saravanan Srinivasan, Founder, EZOPS, states, "We support a wide variety of models - both supervised and unsupervised, that provide classification and pattern recognition capabilities. Our platform is self-service and enables business users to be able to model scenarios and visualize outcomes without having to depend heavily on technology and data science teams. Our AI framework provides clients' AI teams the ability to incorporate their proprietary models alongside our out-of-the-box models. This ensures that we augment our client's investment in their internal AI teams as opposed to competing with them".

Apart from ensuring a cloud-native software platform that can be hosted on-premise by the Client or as SaaS, EZOPS provides implementation services, often jointly with industry partners to support the deployment of the software. "Our USP is that we have incorporated years of experience and domain knowledge along with AI across the entire data control and automation lifecycle. We help eliminate poor, inconsistent and delayed data, thereby reducing operational inefficiencies; we reduce the high cost of integrating outdated, legacy systems by providing an open framework that allows easy interoperability. Apart from inefficient and error-prone manual processes that are reduced with AI-enabled automation, businesses and regulatory risks are mitigated with better quality of data and control operations," explains Saravanan.

Our USP is that we have incorporated years of experience and domain knowledge along with AI across the entire data control and automation lifecycle

The Future Roadmap
EZOPS' list of clients includes some of the largest custodial and money center banks, Fund Administrators, asset managers and financial industry utilities. These clients use EZOPS ARO across several use cases including independent validation of regulatory reporting, fund accounting and asset services operations, corporate finance, mortgages and credit card operations. Excited about the opportunities ahead for hyper-automation and the adoption of technologies by businesses, EZOPS aspires to be the predominant data and process automation partner for its clients. "Our platform is evolving as we continue to address more and more use cases that challenge our clients. EZOPS plans to expand its footprint further into European and Asian markets in 2022 and beyond. We expect our teams to grow across the three regions - US (New York, New Jersey and San Francisco), Ireland (Dublin) and India (Noida). We are also in the process of opening a second location in India at Chennai," concludes Saravanan.