Evenforce Technologies: A Go-To Name For Transformative Garage Management Solution

Srinath Rao & Smaran NS,FoundersAbout seven percent of India's GDP comes from the automobile industry. In 2021, automobile production was at 92 million with an expected industry turnover of two trillion dollars by 2021 with 75 million cars sold. To keep pace, the car servicing business is massively gaining momentum to cater to this huge car population in the country. A growing trend in the Indian automotive industry is the rising number of post-warranty cars, thus necessitating higher demand for multi brands car services companies. Additionally, there is a lack of a consolidatedsoftwares that can manage and monitor workflow and simplify customer database management.

Reinventing the Wheel
Founders Srinath Rao and Smaran N. S. took it upon themselves to develop a system which plugs the loopholes in the current automobile workshops. Through their company Evenforce Technologies Pvt. Ltd., they came out with their flagship product, GetAFix. GetAFix is a garage management software which offers online appointment booking, a simple estimation process, superior invoice processing, and several other valuable features, saving time and money while boosting business. According to the Founders, "GetAFix combines connectivity, automation, and innovation to improve a crew's efficiency, productivity, and communication. Plus, with its cloud technology making your business reachable round the clock, GetAFix is the only solution you need to move digitally forward".

GetAFix offers two solutions - GetAFix Fleet Management Software and GetAFix Used Vehicle Sales Management Software. GetAFix Fleet management software app helps automobile centres effortlessly organise and manage their fleets. The software works best for cars, vans, trucks, two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and various other autos. With its AI-powered software, information like all details of vehicles, Loan and EMI information, Details of technical parameters, Registration and statutory documents etc can be stored seamlessly. It also enables tracking of expenses including Expense head generator, Dashboard to see the value of assets, Fuel mileage calculator to monitor fuel expenses, Expense chart for drivers, Interest updating option et al.
GetAFix Used Vehicle Sales Management Software helps with smooth buying experience by streamlining every aspect of the sales process, such as procurement, refurbishment, compliance, and conversions. Automobile workshops can also get a white label app for iOS& Android from GetAFix and stand out from the crowd by presenting it to the customers under its own brand name. It offers fully customizable white labelling services to workshops and garages, helping them establish a solid online presence cost-effectively. The Founders further add, “The core philosophy of our company is to provide cutting edge technology for the automobile service industry which we call the aftermarket service industry. There are around the five to six different customer segments which we work with very closely - multi brand car servicing centres, car detailing centres who does a detailing product, OEM authorisedcentres who manufactures the vehicle and then send the vehicles to the dealers, fleet management companies, dealer management and lastly, people who want to trade their vehicles which are typically called pre owned vehicles”.

Introducing the OBD Module & Other Features
A significant factor that establishes GetAFix in the market is the On Board Diagnosis (OBD) module. A highly innovative component, this module enables service executives to diagnose and provide access to the status of the vehicle subsystems enabling them to understand the overall performance of the vehicle. With a collective experience of almost two decades in the IT industry, the founders have designed the solution in a manner that appeals to users of different levels of technology literacy.

With easy to understand training materials, the solution can be used immediately at get go. The solution is available in a number of Indian and foreign languages which goes on to further strengthen capabilities of the service centres. GetAFix is currently being used in 18 different countries with India and African countries in the lead. The GetAFix application is completely configurable according to the business needs of a company because every business operates in a different way. The major USP of the application is that it is easily configurable and flexible catering to how a business wants it to function.

Evenforce sees a huge Paradigm shift in the space With the introduction of electric Vehicles and is geared to meet The needs of that segment

The Founders' technology background has helped them bring a lot of useful functions into the application which are extremely unique and not available anywhere in the world today. There is a built-in data warehousing function which collects the data together and brings it into one single place which then provides business intelligence reports. There is also a report building tool which any layman, who does not know technology can use with the drag and drop feature. In this way, any operational reports, analytical reports or management reports can be built in just a matter of minutes providing valuable insights.

Evenforce does not have a big marketing team and all of their success is achieved through the world of work. It is number one in India in terms of the number of job cards generated on the GetAFix platform compared to any other competitors in the market which include Petrol, diesel and electric vehicles as well. Evenforce sees a huge paradigm shift in the space with the introduction of electric vehicles and is geared to meet the needs of that segment as well and have already assisted 30–40 percent of such vehicles with its software in the current market. The company envisions tremendous growth in this sector and wants to focus on it extensively.