Eupraxia Telecom: A Pioneer In Cloud Telephony Application Interface Enhancing Organizations Telephony Experience

K.P. Ganeshraj,  Founder & CEO

K.P. Ganeshraj

Founder & CEO

As demand for cloud communications has grown in use cases and prompted new vendors to enter the market over the last year, the Communications Platforms as a Service, (CPaaS) industry, has particularly gained high traction. It is perhaps the Big Bang or the Bit Bang for communications in our time, now as the industry is projected to generate more than $34 billion in global sales by 2026, while 95 percent of the companies are expected to be using application programming interface enabled CPaaS offerings by 2025. This lets Eupraxia Telecom, one of India’s largest and most globalized CPaaS firms, to be uniquely well-positioned in the market and grow its operations further abroad.

Established at the turn of the last decade in 2012, by K.P. Ganeshraj (Founder & Managing Director), Eupraxia Telecom is a Chennai based CPaaS company entrenched on the cutting edge cloud based voice solutions. Holding a Doctorate in Telecommunication and leveraging his 32 years of experience in the technology industry, Ganeshraj is responsibly leading the core team handling Strategic Technology Selection and Sales, and scaling the company’s growth. Eupraxia’s services are leading the way in Telephony Integration, meeting clients’ every communication need, solving communication challenges and taking them to an innovative telecom conclusion, which is not just substantial telecom cost saving, but a reliable communication environment. For Eupraxia’s Single number Solution, it is ‘One Call Connects All’. “I believe having grasped the concept of long distance connectivity over time, technically we are far more advanced than any of the other operators right now. We understand that we have to be ahead, in terms of solving some instant problems and some challenges that the clients are facing from technology innovation end, and thus, strive to keep you connected”, says K.P. Ganeshraj, Founder & CEO, Eupraxia Telecom.

"Eupraxia has introduced the concept of digital connect. Be it your social media account, PDF document, or even proposals, one can instantly connect with you within 10 seconds from the digital platforms, with just an embedded link from your Digital space. They offer a Call Centre connected to your Digital spac"

While the CPaaS market has moved beyond basic voice and messaging APIs to address more complex use cases that can be tailored to specific vertical markets, customer communications are driving new use cases with them seeking to communicate with businesses via various channels and IP-based messaging programs. Also, as the company integrates all its client business applications through Cloud Telephony, it empowers enterprises to establish their phone number as their brand identity. Respectively, this market is expected to grow due to factors such as the increasing use of mobile applications and the growing demand for cloud-based solutions.

The Uniqueness
Business networks are complex today, and many things can go wrong that disrupt network performance. As Ganeshraj himself has been the niche of telecom, he understands what exactly happens to lead to network disturbance. He shares, “The network signals for telecoms are pretty bad when signals are not able to reach the base station, and people instantly switch over to internet, today, bypassing all the telecom portion. For such cases, we thought, why don’t we provide this as a solution to our clients, and thus we use WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication Protocol, which is basically a protocol embedded in the browser itself with features of voice and video calling. The WebRTC implication, not only helps one bypass the base station and directly connect through internet and enjoy good signals & voice clarity, but also use reduced bandwidth. Moreover, today, when people solicit a lot of business to digital marketing, and are dynamically requiring to stay connected digitally from work prospect, including work
from home scenario and more. Eupraxia has introduced the concept of digital connect. Be it your social media account, PDF document, or even proposals, one can instantly connect with you within 10 seconds from the digital platforms, with just an embedded link from your Digital space. They offer a Call Centre connected to your Digital space. In this competitive world, significantly, every company can increase its digital presence and marketing using Eupraxia’s cloud telephony integration tools and achieve its mission & vision by directly reaching out to the hot prospects via respective digital and social media”.

While it assists people with bypassing the telecom or the base station, and basically switch to the internet, and also get them to instant connect on the digital platform for communication, Eupraxia being a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) also ensures to protect their critical data by lending copyrights to their telephone line. There are many companies who prefer having their own setup, Eupraxia accommodates them with it and even leverages private cloud storage spaces, if needed. Additionally, the only way it differentiates itself from similar other companies in the space is, by being one of those few companies that provide on premise cloud solutions specializing in hybrid models that can be integrated into any application via APIs and provide customized on premise cloud solutions.

Eupraxia Telecom empowers enterprises to make their phone number their brand identity

A pioneer in the field of telecom, Eupraxia overhauls the existing telecom infrastructure layering it with technology intelligence. The company has developed Single Number Solutions for businesses with multiple locations spread across a city, a state, or the entire country. It is through one single outgoing number, that companies can set sail to increase business while also lowering marketing & telecom costs, and establishing a rapport with its customers. Furthermore, while its mission is to constantly automate telephony solutions to integrate with client’s business processes and improve productivity, it has transcribed a receptionist (RIA) in a cloud app. Eupraxia’s cloud solution RIA serves under two heads RIA Lite and RIA Professional. While RIA Lite is a simple business productivity tool, RIA Professional is a cloud-based contact center solution.

Eupraxia Telecom's RIA Lite is a Virtual Number and IVR Solution for client’s telephonic brand identity. While its cloud telephony solutions are aimed at providing enterprise grade telecom features to MSME companies, it helps them create a large company image and entrench a large client base offering its products & services. Also, where organizations are growing at a breakneck speed and are short of time, managing call tracks while sitting in the office without the assistance of a tool is difficult, shifting from an operator in the office to a smart cloud Receptionist in Air like RIA is quite benefitting. RIA as a Receptionist in the cloud helps route calls to the appropriate people or departments within the organization, and even connects missed calls to the appropriate team and does not leave it with missed reports. RIA also has features that connects a phone system to company website and Facebook, boosting the digital marketing conversions by at least 30 percent. Using RIA one can also track the business calls with all call details, including call recording. It can connect to any CRM for sales and service tracking.

Eupraxia Telecom’s RIA Professional is a TollFree Number and IVR Solution with full call center functionality. It has features such as call transfer, call conferencing, and live barge into agent calls from remote locations are available. It only requires a mobile or landline phone to make the calls and a PC to display the call control popup and login. It easily integrates with any CRM or ERP system. RIA can be set up in minutes for one’s business needs. It is advantageous for businesses that do not want to invest in costly call center equipment. As Eupraxia specializes in Low maintenance rural BPO’s and gives cost effective Toll free solutions and solutions for never to miss a business lead,be it national or international, RIA Professional eliminates the need for technical personnel to run your BPO. Serving right for a multi-location call center with a single number and a skillset spread across multiple locations, RIA Professional is a cloud based call center platform that manages inbound and outbound calls, as well as a combination of customer calls. It also is a powerful tool for gathering all call analytics. RIA Professional has extensive reporting capabilities, as well as call recording, barge-in, and other features. However, Eupraxia’s products are proficiently built around PRI, SIP trunks, and GSM SIM cards.

Future Pathway
With the right targeting strategy and lead technology tools on Cloud & Telecom, Eupraxia Telecom hopes to establish a global presence this year through internet based cloud calls, making it affordable and designing a work from home setup that works even with limited bandwidth. Performing in the same industry, the company is currently expanding its technological resources, while the company’s core team comprising of telecom industry veterans with a combined 150 years of experience are impressively backing it. “We service clients both across domestic and international industry verticals. We want to offer our customers international calling services and have our platform AI-enabled to improve the calling experience in the crowded mobile APP market”, concludes K.P. Ganeshraj.