Ensconce: Providing Customized Business Transformation Solutions To Msmes

Srividya Puppala,  FounderAccording to a report published by Fortune Business Insights, the global business process management (BPM) market is projected to grow to $26.18 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 12 percent. Rapid development in the small and mid-size business segment is driving the growth of business transformation solutions in the country. Make In India and the Digital India initiative by the government has proved to be immensely successful and it calls for bringing shift, realignment or fundamental changes for better process orientation and productivity; bring transformation with business strategy for maximum gain. However, being a small or medium sized enterprise, they have comparatively smaller budget than larger corporations. Secondly, they need holistic service provider to improve business processes and capabilities end to end. Ensconce is instituted with a vision to transform companies aspiring to grow or emerge as a market leader.

Ensconce is uniquely placed itself for assessing the need for process, people and technology transformation. Ensconce conducts end-to-end due diligence for validating the maturity of business in the three perspectives and this strategically helped the clients to optimize their operational measures and prioritizing them. “Sometimes, it takes an effort to gain concurrence from the team and management; build the needed cultural shift in an organization to bring in operational excellence. It is a definite challenge when it comes to the MSME sector and we have done it very successfully over and over again across companies”, mentions Srividya Puppala, Founder of Ensconce.

"ENSCONCE has been passionately evangelizing the important aspect to build processes and capabilities for the companies to thrive through corporate turbulence"

Standing Apart
According to the Founder most of the small and mid size businesses do not understand the different kinds of compliances they have or how much of these compliances are applicable to them. They are also unaware as to what kind of measures needs to be taken in order to be compliant with the industry standards. Ensconce looks at a company’s overall functions Not only their sales and marketing efforts, but also operational capabilities, performance indicators, delivery, internal practices, and more, be it back-end operations or front-end operations. Ensconce takes a structured approach and works like an extended wing to companies to prioritize and manage the change management needed at customer end, assist the client in planning, documenting and executing; review the efforts from people standpoint; assess time to time how much of change is being implemented and practiced; handhold until the company is stabilized.

The Founder has over 23 years of industry experience and has majorly worked in the IT industry for Organizational Capabilities, Core Software Delivery Functions and Account Management in different domains. “Every nook and corner, we see an MSME it is indeed an enormous space to operate in and there is quite which needs to be achieved. With the experience of structuring for building Process, Quality, Reuse, Organizational Capabilities, Talent Engagement and for the Culture of Ownership and Accountability, I realized that I can make a greater impact in the small and mid-size segment. We see a major setback in terms of Business management and Operational excellence. After years of hard work, now we are at a stage where we have multiple success stories in different segments. We have successfully mentored startups and established businesses to improve operational competence across their horizontals and verticals. We have contributed to Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Retail and Services industries have
successfully serviced Power Infrastructure, FMCG, Tourism, Interiors, Nutraceuticals and Training companies to name a few”, she states.

The company is operating in three different verticals. First is business transformation for people, process and tech functions. Second is for company establishment and managing annual compliances. Third are digital marketing services. Ensconce is aware of the fact that change is inevitable in the industry and has an eye to prepare the companies for competition. “We constantly engage with client teams, build maturity into operations, maximize productivity, establish good governance practices, help with internal-external branding of the Company; giving the company an edge to overall transformation. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of seeing our client grow or expand their verticals. It is this sense of achievement and feeling of having done something worth while is what fuels our company’s growth. We have seen definite success with our transformation efforts and this is where we come in as a differentiator”, mentions the Founder.

Founders Vision
The Founder is passionate about business and technical mentoring to Startups and Established Businesses. She says, “If we can bring about as low as 10 percent change in the structural elements and process control, these businesses will Excel as we have seen evidently in the case of the IT or IT Services industry last couple of years. Business Transformation can truly happen in a company when the stakeholders involved believe in its benefits and drive the change top to bottom”. The company’s strategy for clients has always been to enable the Founders & Executive leadership team to successfully achieve their organizational vision by improving their overall performance and build the right Customer & Employee Engagement; bring control to Company Operations and Compliances. While the company builds the competency of the Organization, it also is instrumental in providing Internal and External branding strategies.

Ensconce believes in giving the value driven services and strive towards customers growth. It inculcates the same thought to our teams to be service-oriented and enable customers.

Ensconce is uniquely placed itself for assessing the need for process, people & technology transformation

The Founder comes with proven experience of building portfolios and teams across various verticals/industry sectors; worked with leading players in Retail, Finance, Education, Energy Utilities, Healthcare & Telecom, and more. She has contributed to Quality Audits, Process and Quality Compliance in companies like TCS and Infosys handled 14 different verticals for Process and Quality compliance. She was awarded the 'Best People Manager' and the 'Certificate of Excellence' for bringing down Infrastructure and Effort costs for one of its customer accounts. She has driven multiple talent programmes in TCS, Infosys and contributed to Talent Development as COE at UST Global while managing 40 odd engagements for a pharmaceutical wellness giant of UK.

Future Endeavours
Ensconce has been passionately evangelizing the important aspect to build processes and capabilities for the companies to thrive through corporate turbulence; handholding them to streamline their business efforts in all the three areas of Company Establishment & Compliances, Business Transformation and Brand Management. Ensconce believes in the holistic approach to client’s development without compromising any of these areas of business. Clients could offload their planning, management and execution challenges to Ensconce and focus on their growth. The company is here to provide growth analysis, highlight critical success factors per past performances, then support small and mid-size Businesses to streamline and control growth impediments.

Speaking about roadmap ahead for the company, the founder concludes, “Ensconce works with businesses strengthening their operations, brand management and overall transformation. We build structure and simplify the processes for our customers adding value to their businesses and help them get a corporate hold in the market. We are investing further in a SaaS based solution to accelerate our solution delivery to our customers. Our strength is long term association with our customers which speaks for the engagement and confidence we had been able to create for the services we offer and we constantly reinvent ourselves to give our best to our clients”.