Encrust: Safe guarding Organizations with Unique Modular Cost-Effective Approach

Shahjahan Moosa,CEOA leading Singapore-based international financial organization in Mumbai, providing a comprehensive range of financial product and services, was bringing most of its services online. With its rapidly growing network traffic, the organization recognized the need for a more robust network security solution and multiple teams of security experts who can properly protect the internal core network, server infrastructure and also upgrade the existing fire walls. They turned to Encrust IT Solutions, as they were aware of its prowess in almost all major security products, excellent support and outstanding track record of its highly trained and experienced team. Encrust's exceptional price-performance ratio, solid reliability and unique modular cost-effective approach reassured that they made the right decision, as the implementation enabled them to triple the performance.

Though Encrust was fathered by Shahjahan Moosa (CEO) and Vijay Iyer (CTO) in January 2015, it has risen as the preferred security partner for some of India's largest organizations and quite a few companies in Oman; tremendous credit to the duo's experience in managing one of India's leading IT security company since 2001. The support of their existing
customers, vendors, distributors and the veteran team that has been associated with Shahjahan and Vijay for the past five years, has empowered Encrust to cross words with big players in the industry.

“To set itself ahead of the competition encrust constantly strives to Keep its team updated and excited to deliver a pace with the changing dynamics of the market.”

Apace with Market Requirements

"Being a security-focused company,we integrate security on top of every thing, which helps us to build customer's confidence," explains Shahjahan. Having certifications in all major products such as CISCO, Symantec, Kaspersky, Check Point, and IBM, Encrust renders a wide spectrum of services including fundamental implementation & support, complete security check up, network update, facility management and security trainings among others. Gradually moving towards networking & storage solutions, today the company also offers network design implementation and support solutions to optimize the performance of customer networks with more secure, stable, scalable and cost-effective technologies and services. To set itself ahead of the competition, Encrust constantly strives to keep its team updated and excited to deliver apace with the changing dynamics of the market. "We are being consistent in our approach inline with the market's IT security requirements," remarks Vijay.
Allowing its team to excel and grow, the company provides several opportunities to learn and get certified in new technologies and products. Besides providing regular technical training, Enrust has designated its key personals to attend international conferences and seminars on regular basis, which enriches it with technology updates, business training and interaction with industry leaders. The company with flat hierarchy encourages every Encruster to be a part of the business, rather than looking at their roles in isolation. Considering human resources as a vital part of over all business growth strategy, Encrust vests keen importance on employee retention as much as it lays on talent acquisition. Aside from sales incentives and productivity bonus, the company also keeps Encrusters on their toes by conferring several monthly and yearly awards. This healthy outlook facilitates Encrust to drastically improve employee satisfaction and work performance.

Future Strategy

Encrust intends to build an independent profit centre unit, which will cater to indoor services for all types of customers, especially corporates and enterprises. Since Encrust is dealing with diverse products, its margin tends to decline over a period of time. Hence, Encrust will be focusing on services namely pure firewall implementations, network installation, supply of skilled technical manpower, IT security & infrastructure audit, security trainings, and certification assistance. This will empower the company to augment its product business, open up new revenue streams and reach newer heights.