ECS: Blending International Technology with Indian Experience

Criminals these days often choose internet as their predominant battlefield, and it looks quite surprising when law enforcement and premier investigation agencies of India seek overseas help to crack the cases. Undeniably, hurdle is the meagerness of investigation experts. Helping cyber investigation departments to combat this challenge and evincing that the tortuous cyber cases can be solved in India is ECS Corporation – an Ahmedabad based Technology Company which is into Cyber Security & Forensics, Electronic Data Recovery, and Digital Forensics. Built on an undercutting technology, ECS’ first of its kind product ‘ECSplorator’ has been the new talk of the town, because this high-tech solution empowers law enforcement agencies & experts to sit back at office, and still analyze the electronic data real-time during raids at multiple locations across the world.

ECSplorator is comprised of three modules – a Data Center (which the company owns with world class Infrastructure and security features), Kit (endpoint), and Command Center. Kit is the portable part of solution that can be carried along with the raid team. When the device is simply connected to the storage media and powered on, it would directly get connected to one or multiple remote Command Centers where several experts can real-time view and analyze the electronic data while the raid is still going on. The device comes with data connectivity via ECS’secured tunnel and thus covers almost all geographies across the world. ECS plorator is available in two business modes – a purchasing model and a ‘Forensics-as-a-Service’ model which is
Vijay Mandora, Chairman & MD

Vijay Mandora

Chairman & MD

embedded with a wide range of value added tools.

Bringing in the cutting-edge international technology and pouring the Indian experience into it, we collect vital data with utmost security

The Heritage

ECS fetches exceptional Korean technologies with Class100 Clean Room into its 35000 sq. ft. lab located in Ahmadabad which has been recognized as‘E-research lab’ by Gujarat Government Science & Forensics Department. The high-tech lab hosts highly secure data recovery, physically damaged storage repair, and chip-level digital forensics. Deciphering more than 500 probes in this passion, the company has matchless experience and know-how in possession, in addition to leveraging technology partnerships."We simply know which data our clients are looking for.Bringing in the cutting-edge international technology and
pouring the Indian experience into it, we collect those vital data with utmost security, "asserts Vijay Mandora, Chairman & Managing Director, ECS, who himself has got 25 years of experience in the technology business.

Right after its inception in 2009, ECS was exposed to a gamut of challenges ranging from dealing with technologically oblivious cyber investigation officials to lack of talent pool to hire from. But the company today answers those challenges through conducting awareness programs via its partnership with HackerU - the internationally established Israeli cyber-security training company, in addition to partnering with universities like Raksha Shakti University and Gujarat Forensic Sciences University to produce talents from colleges and joint Cyber Security & Digital Forensic certification programs for Computer Users, IT experts, Governance officials of Government, Banks, Enterprise, end users.

More in the Pipeline

Dealing with big fishes, ECS has a corresponding in-house culture in place, where its 40 employees follow KPI and are subjected to cut-throat training modules with International technologies and regular monitoring through its online portal. Going forward, the company is looking to emphasize on its products and services. While promising the launch of new versions of ECSplorator, the company is also pledged in enhancing the command centers, technology and tools to become a significant part of Make-in-India program. With funding discussions on-the-go, ECS’ international footprint is also expected in the near future.