EasySol: Solutions Simplified

In recent years, digital transformation has been evident across all domains. Almost every industry is adopting the digital format to strengthen its hold in the market. New ones are replacing the existing infrastructure and business models, and businesses without digitalization are becoming obsolete. While we still grapple with the aftereffects of the pandemic, business resilience through digital initiatives is at the epicentre of all decision-making.

Excelsior Softwares Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL) is one of the leading software solution provider companies providing software solutions and services to small and medium-sized companies for more than two decades. ESPL is involved in providing services to pharma industry by it's Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and POS software. It provides software solutions to distributors, wholesalers, chemist, departmental stores and retail stores.

"All these software products are developed and designed by our sharp minded developers, designers and tested by testing engineers before delivering and also test by users. We give best services to our valuable clientele by our expert professionals. Our specialization is in pharmaceutical industry and we provide software solutions to manufacturers, distributors/wholesalers, C&Fs and retailers/chemists. We are highly appreciated for our quality and accuracy," explains Mohan Nailwal, MD, Excelsior Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Customized and High-End Products & Services
ESPL products are quite sophisticated yet highly flexible, allowing easy enhancements and supporting all types of client entities. All product modules have extensive reporting capabilities providing management with incisive insight into the business. One such product is EasySol. It serves the needs
of several verticals such as distributors, chemists, manufacturers, chain pharmacies, department stores, and general stores. With a vast distribution network and dedicated service staff, EasySol has created an unmatched reputation and has established itself as a trusted brand in the pharma industry.

Mohan Nailwal,MD

Along with this, Excelsior's products are updated regularly with the latest features to provide complete customer satisfaction, according to their requirements, and that's what the company works for. To provide easy-to-use products to the customers is one of the primary endeavours of the company, which makes it stand apart from the competitors. All this is possible because of a strong and dedicated team comprising of highly competent professionals. "Our team consist of designers, developers, testers and management team who are highly skilled in their respective field. All employees work together for the growth of the company. Keeping the key focus on being customer-oriented, we work as per the requirements of the customers for their utmost satisfaction," adds Mohan.

Excelsior's products are updated regularly with the latest features to provide complete customer satisfaction

Hence, based in New Delhi, ESPL has a premium suite of products for all major industry types and has built a client base that exceeds over 15000+ satisfied customers. The company has pioneered technology to simplify business processes, resulting in increased efficiency, thereby providing the finest solutions to its clients. Their products combine cutting edge technology, innovation, and highly responsive support, make them actual value for money.