DNIF: Next-Gen Analytics Platform, Transforming the Cybersecurity Landscape

Shomiron Das Gupta,FounderThe evolving technological arsenal of cyber-fiends and masterminds, has made it imperative that Indian businesses too must come to an equal footing. Organizations need to calibrate the various cutting-edge advancements in the field of cybersecurity innovation to deter the ever-rising expanse of cyber-attacks that lurk in close proximity. DNIF bridges the gap in solving these challenges with advanced SIEM solutions.

DNIF is the flagship product of NETMON-ASTERY, which has been building products in the cybersecurity space for the last 18 years. NETMONASTERY is headquartered in Mumbai and was founded and built by seasoned security veteran, Shomiron Das Gupta. Combining his skill set as an intrusion analyst with a passion for tech advancements, Shomiron has been building threat detection systems for close to two decades. NETMONASTERY was established in 2002, and Shomiron soon founded DNIF with a vision to create a product that assists enterprises in securing their network and applications by detecting threats. DNIF's team consisting of 100+ employees are some of the best minds in the industry to continue in its endeavours in helping organizations. DSCI NASSCOM awarded DNIF in excellence for Security Product Company and was recognized by NCoE for Cybersecurity Technology Development and Entrepreneurship as a Security solution for Work-From-Home.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Boosting Cyber Resilience
In comparison to the full stack enterprise security products of heavy price tag, and being resource intensive, with months for deployment, it is different in DNIF. Shomiron Das Gupta, Founder and CEO, DNIF, says, "We extensively engage with our clients to identify their pain points and to understand what they
are looking for. Typically, businesses are hardly aware of what data needs to be collected to get to their predetermined outcomes. Based on our understanding of the clients' business processes and pain points, we reverse engineer to a point where they will have the correct set of data that facilitate their decision making."

DNIF is a data analytics platform that can collect, parse, enrich, index, balance, and analyse data in a continuously changing environment, helping enterprises take precautionary measures for cyber defence. It allows users to partition one data infrastructure and enable multiple teams to solve many challenges such as ease of data collection, management and processing for businesses and allows them to take data-driven decisions. DNIF can ingest all kinds of data including event-based data, bank transactional log data, web server activity log data, and telecom data and can be used for various kinds of use cases such as cybersecurity, operational use, specific product use or plain vanilla transaction intelligence. It automatically batch processes data in real-time without any human interventions and delivers insights.

DNIF provides an all-in-one cybersecurity platform that unifies data collection, machine learning and analytics for advanced threat detection. DNIF is a first-of-its-kind, next-gen SIEM solution with advanced security analytics and response automation. It is built on a Big Data Analytics platform for real-time threat detection and response. It provides SOAR, UEBA, security analytics, threat hunting and security data lake solutions on a single platform to promote process efficiency, manageability and reduced risks. DNIF brings a different approach to Big Data Analytics. Its dynamic search capability allows the user to free-form their approach rather than being limited by structure.

DNIF provides all-in-one cybersecurity platform that unifies data collection, machine learning and analytics for advanced threat detection

The Growth-Factor
Leveraging AI as one of the key technologies that would be giving momentum to cybersecurity, DNIF is deployed at several critical infrastructure services in India which include regulators, exchanges, top banks and fintech organizations, payment industry and large IT service providers. DNIF has seen rapid growth in the last year and believes that the current year would definitely have an impact due to the pandemic situation. Today, DNIF has established partners in 14 countries across industries such as healthcare, insurance, transportation, banking and media. Being in the Big Data Analytics space, DNIF would be competing not only against some of the largest products, but also against customers using open-source tools to build their own platforms.

DNIF is a constantly evolving product that's built on customer feedback, as they need to innovate and build newer strategies to detect new attacks in the wild. DNIF is also in the final stages of launching the new version of their SIEM product which would definitely give them an edge in the SIEM ecosystem.