Dipitr: Embracing Technology to Create Better and Healthy Work Environments

  Amir Valani,   Founder & CEO
Amir Valani, Founder & CEO

With extensive growth of the corporate world, the number of people attending full-time desk Jobs has also been increasing enormously. Today, millions of people are engaged in desk jobs, which involve eight to 10 hours long sitting posture. If the posture is incorrect, it can affect an employee’s productivity as bad sitting posture for hours can lead to back pain and neck pain. Therefore, good posture is really important in terms of keeping physical fitness and productivity at the workplace. While there are many posture belts and braces available in the market for improving sitting posture, they are often inconvenient to use and unable to track any improvement. Committed to building effective wearable tech platforms to improve employee health and produc-tivity, dipitr, a new-age technology company, has come up with an innovative device called ‘strack’.

Strack is a tiny and wearable, posture corrector device that vibrates every time people slouch thus helping employees live healthy through better back health in the workplace. It also tracks your
"Based in the start-up hub of India, Bengaluru, Dipitr is dedicated to developing innovative and delightful tech products that benefit the health, wellness, and lives of its customers"

posture to the free iOS and Android App. Amir Valani, Founder & CEO at Dipitr emphasizes, “As you know, poor posture related ailments are on the rise among professionals due to long sitting hours. It is a leading cause of the back pain in India and elsewhere. To solve this problem, last year we have launched India’s first smart wearable posture trainer and corrector device called Strack. It takes care of posture correction, posture training, posture tracking, and posture management functions to make back happy and healthy. We also help our clients in assessing employees back health by providing various tools such as customized back health survey, awareness sessions related to back health and ergonomics, and conducting wellness drive focusing on posture improvement.” The Strack is extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is buy your device, download application and start the journey towards perfect posture.

Revolutionary Posture Corrector Wearable Device
This unisex smart wearable device is a lightweight(less than 15 grams) and carries feasible and interesting features. “We did not want to follow the traditional posture belts or braces and make them better with material or better design; instead of that, we completely disrupted the traditional market by introducing India’s
(Asia’s) first smart posture trainer and corrector. The device contains realtime posture tracking and it efficiently monitors your daily/ weekly/ or monthly progress via free iOS and Android App. Strack syncs the data on the device to the Mobile App for a detailed view. Like a best friend who’s always looking out for your well-being, the device alerts you whenever you’ve been inactive for an hour. Additionally, it has built in 30 days of posture training with daily goals to improve posture effortlessly in two weeks. We also offer innovative business models to our enterprise customers including rental and try and buy options,” Amir explained.

Based in the startup hub of India, Bengaluru, Dipitr is dedicated to developing innovative and delightful tech products that benefit the health, wellness, and lives of its customers. Incepted in 2015, this innovative tech company is growing by leaps and bounds with a tireless endeavor to bring best out of them. Speaking about company’s growth as well as future plans, Amir reveals, “We are growing 30 to 40 percent in every month. Dipitr is proud to present India's first wearable Posture Corrector and Posture Trainer - Strack. Strack is completely Made/Make in India – Design, Development, and Manufacturing. We have been awarded Elevate 2018 – One of the most innovate Start-ups in Karnataka (Health Tech category). Keeping the innovation at the center of our development, we are planning to bring more value-added offerings in the coming months.”