Digitale: Helping Brands Grow with the Digital Revolution

Mrinal Lunia,FounderWith evolving technologies, emerging social media platforms, streams of memes, viral videos and increased mobile adoption, digital branding in the industry is progressing at a rapid pace. Keeping up with the improved and innovative strategies, one needs to ensure staying abreast with the swift digital milieu while remaining faithful to the ground rules of brand building. Coming from a media and advertising family, Mrinal Lunia was well-versed with media planning, buying and releasing for brands and businesses. “While I understood and acknowledged the work being done, I could feel the tide shift and the gap in the market where consumers needed to be tended to and catered to in a more compelling and immersive manner that was measurable yet controllable at the same time. Being a digital native, I would often have digital experiences and realized what an impact it left me with. The sheer concept of communication via animation, videos and graphics appealed to me – it is then when I decided to build on the foundation and base that I had acquired during my early blushes with advertising
and founded Digitale, a firm that would provide digital solutions to clients to interact with users in a tell tale manner and make them a part of the brand narrative,” says Mrinal Lunia, Founder, Digitale.

Headquartered in Kolkata, Digitale is a full-service digital agency that specializes in providing media planning and buying services with a keen outlook towards churning creatives and websites that serve as strong and impactful communication tools for the brand. A distinguished name in the industry, Digitale is recognized for its gamut of services which include Performance Media Marketing, Digital Media Planning and Buying, Search Engine Optimization, Creative Execution, Data Analytics, Website Design and Development, Social Media Handling and Community Management. “With Digitale, we intend to make our clients’ digital assets sharper and create a lasting impact in moments that matter the most to them. The solutions provided by us are cost effective incorporating a mix of social, search, display, digital strategy and consulting and data-driven insights. We are renowned for providing tailor-made digital solutions after sizing up the client, product life cycle stage, digital imprint, industry type and competition. At Digitale we work with our customers, at every step of the way – be it brand/product launch, event promotion, consumer promotion or brand building. We create compelling digital experiences and help our clients make its indelible mark in the digital hyperspace,” shares Mrinal.

A digital wing of Lookad India,
Digitale has worked with noteworthy clients across several verticals ranging from Real Estate to Ayurveda and Home Remedy Solutions to Apparel. Some of the major names served by the firm include Haldiram’s Prabhuji, LUX Cozi, GKB Opticals, Alcove Realty, Turtle, Linc Pens and Baidyanath Group that entails several brands on their portfolio like Kapiva, All Ayurveda, Dr.Vaidya’s, Baidyanath and Goodcare all dealing in ayurvedic remedies. Digitale’s expertise and new age outlook and understanding of the platform gives the firm a unique edge of being a 360 media house that can help plan, evaluate and launch brands on all platforms. “We define our own scope of work for the client and take pride in the turnaround time for our tasks to keep the client’s mission and business objectives before our own. Our young and vibrant workforce brimming with new ideas helps give brands the twist that will help them communicate with a target audience that has gone ‘digital’ – we are always on the lookout to do ‘more’,” adds Mrinal.

Digitale’s future plans entail expanding its service offerings and entering extensively into the digital activation space along with utilizing different modes of content integration with OTT platforms and other digital celebrities to change the way how brands communicate with their audiences. By the end of 2018, the firm aspires to stand strong at around 30 team members and over 30 brands so as to continue making a difference and bringing fresh ideas on the marketing table.