Digital Indya: Enhancing the Digital Presence through Result Driven Marketing Strategies

Sandeep Dabas, Director

Sandeep Dabas


The adage that ‘the future of marketing is digital marketing’ no more remains the same; the digital is NOW! From the early attractive web portals and e-commerce platforms to spread of online video, to the highly interactive virtual realities, there are plenty of developments and opportunities disrupting the sector already and as a whole, these digital trends call for profound experience building form the brand’s end. More integrated and up-to-date digital marketing strategy that not only encompasses the e-commerce apps and websites but also leverages social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and many more consequently allows brands and businesses to fetch value addition. Dedicated to offer integrated and metrics driven solutions in every specific area of branding, Gurgaon based Digital Indya ensures a break through in customer reach and acquisition for businesses.

Being a technology enthusiast and a keen follower of upcoming digital marketing trends, DI Media
endeavours to provide services that work in the real-time marketplace and strategies that are relevant to the brand and its target audience. With an exclusive partnership with Google, the firm renders a plethora of services that are best-in-industry such as business view strategy, creative technology, website developments, new Google map listing, Google street view, 3D Virtual Walk through. Sandeep Dabas, Director of Digital Indya says, “We are covering all digital marketing segments from Google business view and Pay - Per Click to SEO, Facebook ads, Display ads, Banner ads, SMS marketing, YouTube marketing, Content marketing, Lead generation and Mobile application development. Through our signature solutions authorized by world’s tech giant, Google, a client can seamlessly integrate marketing up to the global level. With Google virtual tour, customer can build confidence with high definition virtual walk through, whereas Google My Business allows the same to discover about business performance through listing and reach out new customers without a website.”

As a digital marketing expert, DI Media converts online platforms like websites and social media networks as a vital tool for maximum reach and brand awareness and replaces ‘cold-calls’ with more effective ‘warm-calls’. The firm uses a cohesive technology stack consists of premium-quality video graphy tools, Google Analytics and SEO to support their result-oriented online marketing strategies. “By using our Google Analytics service,
clients gather data needed to make intelligent marketing and business decisions. And also, we enhance brand’s online presence with a premium quality, 360º virtual tour powered by Google Street View technology. For example, when a customer searches your location, your 360 Virtual tours will show on their mobile phones. The high resolution 360 degree virtual tour effectively increases your online presence and appeal to your customers or visitors; it’s simple, fast and affordable. USP of Digital Indya is we provide an Application in which clients can track all these activities,” explains Sandeep.

As an innovative and creative agency, Digital Indya could make many reputed clients from various industries like Kajaria tiles, Artemis, Audi, DC Desgin, Maruti, TATA and DLF. With an impressive growth, company is now charting out its roadmap for hyper growth. Sandeep shares, “We have learnt a lot from our survival that even after failing in various experiments and attempts initially, we could achieve some amazing results, later. We encourage all our team members to be innovative because we just don’t know which experiment can become new Digital Indya or even larger than what today Digital Indya is! Ours is young and energetic company and I believe future belongs to us. That’s why we have the ‘Y’ factor in ‘Digital Indya’. We have a strong believe in our youngsters and want to connect with them and in coming days need to see Digital Indya as one of the top most Digital Marketing Agency.”