Dhunee Technologies: Embedding IT Solution with Business Process to Bring Best Value

  Chakradhar Madduru,    MD & CEO

Chakradhar Madduru, MD & CEO

These days IT has become a critical part of almost every organization, and majority of businesses have high expectations for their technical investment– including reduced costs, increased security, enhanced productivity or improved work flows and communications. However, despite this important role, IT strategy often ends up as an afterthought, as most of the IT service providers in India focus only on technical solutions neglecting the organizational implications. This leads to a stack of IT solutions which remains mostly unused and results in the poor performance of the organization with reduced efficiency. Addressing this stumbling block in business, Dhunee Technologies – a Bangalore-based IT service provider – surges ahead to align business and IT strategies at various levels in the organizations while enhancing the IT business value.

Reinforcing the IT Business Value
Dhunee has proven experience in providing IT Services and IT Asset Management Solutions including Data Analytics, designing &development of Web Applications and building Mobile Applications. “We provide various IT solutions
that create value and consistent competitive advantage for our clients around the world. The key is how well the IT solution embeds the Business process for realizing its value, and we focus on that,” states Chakradhar Madduru, Managing Director & CEO, Dhunee Technologies. Amidst the crammed IT services market, Dhunee gets an edge over the others owing to its philosophy of focusing on resolving business problems for clients rather than taking a task or assignment based approach.

"We provide various IT solutions that create value and consistent competitive advantage for our clients around the world"

Now a days, almost all organizations have basic IT capability, but they lack certain insights in to the Business Decisions. Reason behind this is the negligence to reinvent solutions and habit of getting the most out of the existing IT Ecosystems. Dhunee plays a key role here by integrating different sources using low code/no code development platform. Using ‘EASA’ software, Dhunee empowers the end users with the freedom to develop the solutions without the need of knowing to code.

Today, most of the organizations are geographically distributed across the globe and need to collaborate across locations. People use spreadsheets for collecting data and presenting it, but this process requires different ways to collaborate. Dhunee helps them create web apps that drive spreadsheets, CAD/CAE tools, databases (including ERP, PLM and CRM systems), scripts, in-house, legacy software and more. It even
helps clients tobring them on to the web and collaborate without any coding effort and without any changes to their existing processes.

Creating the Next Line of Experts
Identifying several areas of improvement in the various business functions, Dhunee is currently focusing on the manufacturing sector considering its domain experience. The product development process in manufacturing domain needs a lot of high-value products and organizations have added several variants with minor differences increasing the size of the part families, thereby adding inventory for the shop floor. Dhunee is managing these part families in their early design lifecycle by developing smart framework using AI & data analytics tools, which reduces development cycle time and inventory carrying cost in the shop floor.

Dhunee constantly works on skilling its employees to the next level. With a belief that on-job Training is a more productive way of learning, the company adopts bench marking at micro level and trains its new on-boarded engineers by deploying them into a team with an experienced member shadowing them throughout the process.

With such dedicated team and headstrong services, the company has bagged several clients like Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, Asahi India Glass, Path Partner and Accrete Hi-tech Solutions, to name a few.Since its inception in 2016, Dhunee has witnessed 100 percent revenue growth year-on-year and is looking forward to maintain the same in coming future.