Decide Precise Technologies: Simplifying Web Enterprise Solutions

Munish Duggal,  Director

Munish Duggal


The barge in of convolute systems and mechanisms into a layman’s life occurred within no time amidst the rapidly recurring advancements in technology. The predicaments to understand and apply technology on its exact place received frivolous attention from corporations until they recognized the importance of policies manoeuvre across industry verticals to define issues and torch light to solve them. Information Technology is such a field that received optimum recognition for diverge set of panaceas bestowed through wires, integrated circuits and networks. It didn’t even take a blink of an eye for the integration of already available network systems converge into a five-inch portable device. As a business entity that offers state-of-the-art scalable and high performing web interface and aggressive mobile applications, Decide Precise Technologies based out of Gurugram extends diversified IT solutions and database administration for businesses to manage and automate many back office functions related to technology.

Automating, Transforming, Empowering
With the incorporation of applications from SAP and Oracle, the company has become a hub for of Cloud computing, and In memory computing solutions. By encompassing AI and ML, the company has been assisting business transformation to reduce cost, save time, and increase employee productivity. In
an effort to expand its region of expertise further, Decide Precise provides support over Web Enterprise Solutions such as Java Web Development Services, and helps in data interchange with in various applications. The company serves corporations with staffing and recruitment services for locating the best of the resources in the market. Decide Precise lends a key for acquiring SAP Cloud solutions at a reasonable price which enables SMEs to have a guaranteed solution.

Decide Precise provides support over Web Enterprise Solutions such as Java Web Development Services, and helps in data interchange within various applications

Today, the bewildered tech environment has become vulnerable to the possibility of getting affected by potential cyber threats. It has become sine qua non for IT supporters to deliver solutions that would obliterate such attacks and infringements. Decide Precise is positioned rightly to demystify the potential cyber attacks by encompassing security solutions of support services on various sections including network security, SAP security, data security, and cloud security. Enterprises of all size and shape approach the company seeking data security on cloud. Despite which cloud service, the company ensures the best of data security through its hybrid solutions that allows customers to have their own data centre setup and cloud solutions as well. “We have malware inspection which helps in safeguarding, and also in providing necessary solidification of server and firewalls. This provides defence against various attacks while keeping the organization in safe zone than a demilitarize zone. We not just provide solutions, but also consulting services for security issues” says Munish Duggal, Director, Decide Precise Technologies.

Decide Precise Technologies conglomerates and provides a wide variety of IT solutions for corporations as a bundle at a very effective cost. The company admits to not always having a definite course of action on any single application support, but manages to diversify and allot consulting & support in many other areas. One of the areas where Decide Precise has made its implementation is in managing the billing system for RWA. The company effectively brought utility bills to online through payment gateway integration which is done cost effectively. Decide Precise is trying to expand its horizons to Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Moreover, the company is exerting more focus on its staffing and recruiting services along with IT support solutions.