Brainpower Technologies: Transforming The Management Operation Through Simple User-Friendly System

Ajay Pathare, Founder & CEO,Sundararajan Rajagopal, Director

Ajay Pathare, Founder & CEO

Sundararajan Rajagopal, Director

In the past 24 months, businesses had to reinvent themselves overnight. They had to suddenly adapt to a new way of doing business or risk going out of business. Despite being caught on the backfoot, some businesses managed to survive and even grow by working with the right technology partner. These businesses embraced technology and future proofed themselves fared much better than their competition.

Brainpower Technologies, founded by Ajay Pathare in 2006 has helped a number of businesses successfully and safely transition to a new way of doing business. With a powerful cloud centric approach to system design, Brainpower Technologies has helped hundreds of businesses keep pace with the needs of their customers and the market.

Ajay, along with Sundararajan Rajagopal (Director, Brainpower Technologies) bring a number of solutions to help companies succeed, including Distribution software.

Distribution software manages all the processes of the supply chain of any product from order processing and inventory control to accounting, purchasing, and customer service, customer relationship management, sales, and finance management. The distribution software market is projected to expand at a rapid pace due to an increase in demand for cloud-based distribution software among organizations.

Additionally, a rise in demand from end-users for synchronizing and simplifying the supply chain management system is estimated to propel the distribution software market.
Brainpower Technologies is one of the reputable firms bringing nearly two decades of industry expertise in providing integrated solutions that enable Enterprises to service their Customers, Simplify Business Operations, and Implement Best Industry Practices with Insightful Business Analytics & Reporting.

Brainpower Technologies started by consolidating software development and providing Point-of-Sale solutions and integrated Enterprise product solutions for customers. Brainpower has expanded its development capabilities and built new products and solutions for restaurants, amusement parks, spas and salons, and the consumer manufacturing industry. The solutions have grown in response to client needs and technological advancements, building its products portfolio on Cloud-based technology and the Client-Server platform.

Brainpower is one of the pioneers in the realm of sale solutions and has helped international brands of repute including Papa John's, Little Caesars, Secret Recipe and more. Bajaj Consumer Care is one of its largest customers and has been with the firm for the past 22 years. Brainpower builds mobile-based solutions optimizes the total cost of operation, wherein both CapEx and OpEx are optimized for clients. The firm is transforming business management operations through a simple, user-friendly system in multiple languages. Brainpower is integrated with various critical software applications and hardware, allowing for the seamless management of the business demand for an integrated process and information flow. Clients benefit from cost savings in hardware and value-added benefits in software.

Brainpower is one of the pioneers in the realm of sale solutions and is approved by several international brands of repute

Brainpower Sales & Distribution module provides automates and streamlines the completion function integrating with inventory, pricing, production, and finance. All deals are monitored and pushed from the central system, ensuring a check and balance mechanism in place to ensure that the dealers pass on the benefit, resulting in increased sales for the company as well as additional benefits for the ultimate consumer. Overall, Brainpower improves the profitability of the company by effectively driving the sales function.

As Brainpower grows, it is planning to migrate all its existing products across different verticals to a state-of-the-art cloud-based system in the next few quarters. Brainpower is innovating technologically and designing new dashboards and management systems while looking into integrating Distribution Management System with AI to provide better analysis information to the customer.