CtrlS : Emerging as World's Largest Rated 4 Hyperscale Data Center

Sridhar Pinnapureddy,Founder & CEOThe Indian data center industry is witnessing rapid growth driven by rapid adoption of social media, ecommerce, digital transactions, social media, IoT, OTT and public cloud services. According to various industry commentators and marketers, the data center industry seems to be on a stream to exceed the industry forecast of USD 4 Billion for 2020. More so, India is dominated by the colocation data center segment, which is the fastest area of growth for the data center industry. The data center ‘Hotspots’ in the country include Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

While global hyperscalers like Google, AWS, Microsoft and Oracle try and up their game to stay ahead of the curve, India has its own game changer in the data center industry- CtrlS Datacenters – pegged as Asia’s largest Rated 4 Hyperscale data center. The company is speculated to be emerging as World’s largest Rated 4 Hyperscale data center player CtrlS enjoys a healthy market share of one million square feet of hyperscala data center facilities. CtrlS had become synonymous to robust, scalable data center infrastructure in India way back in 2006, when the firm built India’s first Rated 4 data center in Hyderabad.

At that point in time, one would not fathom as to why the country required a Rated 4/Tier 4 data center. However, with businesses racing towards a digital culture, catalyzed by explosion of data, the government’s mandate to localize the data, billions of connected devices, and large-scale cloud adoption by enterprises, a new breed of data centres was born: Hyperscale data centres. India, though already on the outset with respect to data center technologies, was ready to embrace the tier 4 version of data centers. Question was: Was it feasible to design and build such a system? Well, CtrlS thought it was and proved it.

In a short span, the company’s vision and forethought was vindicated as major banks, telecom operators, ecommerce players preferred CtrlS as their preferred partner for colocation services. CtrlS has always built large Rated 4 data center facilities in the country, with currently operating six data centers spread across Mumbai – 2 facilities, Hyderabad – 2 facilities, Noida, and Bangalore. All of them are Rated 4 as per TIA 942 certification. In fact, CtrlS’ Mumbai data center facility is Asia’s Largest Rated 4 data center built in 2011.

Explaining the entire picture of the market, CtrlS’ Founder & CEO, Sridhar Pinnapureddy says, “The rationale for investing in such world class hyperscale data center facilities is the exploding growth of data. You will be amazed to note that 90 percent of world’s data has been generated in the last forty months. New technologies such as cloud (SaaS/PaaS, IaaaS), IoT, e-commerce applications, social media are driving data growth requiring larger data center storage facilities.

Besides this, India’s anticipated data localization policy (Personal Data Protection Bill) is likely to be passed soon. This will require all multinationals operating in India to localize the data required in large format data centers. We believe hyperscale data centers not only act as colocation facilities but also provide employment to at least a million new jobs directly and incremental jobs by a factor of three indirectly.”

Zero Downtime Data centers with Exceptional Cost Savings
Each Rated 4 data center is designed for mission critical applications that need to function seamlessly. Even a brief downtime, can cause loss of revenue, loss of customers’ trust and other unfavourable consequences such as reputation loss, stock value erosion among others. CtrlS data centers are built to provide near-zero downtime. In fact, the CEO recalls having had zero downtime since his firm’s inception. Besides, the firm provides industry’s lowest power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.35* which saves costs for customers. CtrlS also enjoys special power tariffs and passes on the benefits to its customers. This accounts for the reason why Sridhar’s organization provides cost savings of anywhere between 20% to 30%.

“Our data center facilities are built uniquely with military grade security infrastructure, requiring 9 levels of security clearances
before anyone can reach the data”, adds Sridhar. All these features are aimed at addressing the customers’ unmet needs. Not failing to mention, the Mumbai data center facility is World’s 1st Platinum LEED Certified v4 O+M Data center facility. CtrlS’ other facilities are also Platinum LEED Certified.

100% Quake proof and 100% Pollution free Data Center in Noida
National Capital Region (NCR) faces two challenges; one is that the region is situation in seismic zone-4, and two is that the region faces low air quality index for human respiration. However, the air also has high levels of sulphur, which has the potential capacity to corrode the metal. Now, computer servers, and storage & network components are built with metals and corrosion of any such component could lead to failure of components. To help overcome both the challenges, CtrlS’ Noida Rated 4 facility is uniquely designed for seismic zone 5. On any unfortunate episode of an earthquake, CtrlS building will neither crack nor collapse. Secondly, to get around the sulphur problem, and other air pollutants, CtrlS has built an air filtration plant to ensure all air pollutants are eliminated and the data center facility is provided clean air, which is both healthy for the employees, customers and their infrastructure.

Why CtrlS is known for Speed of Execution?
Time saved is money earned! This has rung well with CtrlS and Sridhar gives a precise understanding of how his firm is setting benchmarks with exceptional execution speeds. He says, “Speed of execution with agility has helped our customers with speed-to-market and seize new opportunities quickly. We have helped a large Indian bank to migrate their entire on-premise data center to our data center facility in just about 72 hours, which is a feat in our industry.
And, at CtrlS, speed is our USP, be it speed of deployment or speed of resolution. To talk numbers, let me just tell you that we have designed our Rated 4 thirteen floor facility powered by 24 MW in just about 120 days. This is an industry record. We achieve speed of execution with agile project planning and execution and our CORE Infinity operational excellence model which helps us achieve speed and also focus on delivering customer value”.

CtrlS places ‘Customer First’ in line with its customer first philosophy. This is aimed at delivering customer delight. The CORE Infinity Operational Excellence Model is equipped with robust processes, industry standard methods and approaches that have enabled CtrlS to deliver industry leading results on all metrics that matter to its customers. Going on record, CtrlS has been able to deliver the highest uptime in the industry with the lowest TCO while maintaining the lowest PUE and providing the highest safety standards resulting in customer value creation and delight.

Today, CtrlS is trusted by Fortune 500 Global Multinationals and ET500 Indian companies including 3 of the top 5 banks in the World, 2 of the top 5 global car manufacturers, 2 of the top 5 pharma companies, 2 of the top 5 media companies and world’s largest cloud players. “All of them run mission critical applications and cannot afford even a minute’s downtime. We thank them for the trust reposed in us”, Sridhar expresses his gratitude towards his customers.

CtrlS has worked on 200+ innovations over the last thirteen years and 80 of those innovations are aimed at energy efficiency resulting in industry’s lowest PUE of 1.35. Innovation is at the core of CtrlS’ organizational DNA, which is why the firm also built Cloud4C – World’s 1st Rated 4 Public cloud. Cloud4C is now a separate entity operating in 25 countries and 50 locations worldwide. CtrlS’ community clouds – namely banking community cloud and ERP community cloud too are products of its R&D lab.

CtrlS has built India’s Largest Rated 4 Hyperscale Data Center Facilities. It’s now expanding the capacity to 5 Million Sq. Ft spread across 25 Data Centers

Edge Computing is the New Frontier
Edge is perceived as the future with rapid cloud adoption, IoT deployments, OTT viewership, online gaming in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities. 5G too is expected to propel faster access to data. Sridhar gives an extended opinion about this forthcoming trend backed by facts and figures. He says, “The Indian subcontinent has one billion plus mobile users, an estimated two billion IoT devices, 500 million internet users, 400 million social media users, 300 million smart phone users, 300 million OTT subscribers and 200 million digital payment users.

All of them are distributed between metros, secondary metros and tier-2 and tier-3 cities. India’s 370 million youth population has millennial habits of consumption and is seeking high quality of access to movies, online games, speed of internet, and other applications. Edge data centers act as enablers to address the customer needs by helping deploy the applications at the edge (tier2/3 city) to help them access their favourite movie, game or a cloud based application without latency.”
CtrlS has plans underway to build 25 new hyperscale data centers in the country, spread across Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

The Mumbai hyperscale data center park shall have a total capacity of 2 million square feet powered by 250 MW, Hyderabad hyperscale data center park shall have a total capacity of 2 million square feet, while Chennai is planned to have around a million square feet powered by 100 MW. These phenomenal undertakings will set CtrlS on the trajectory of becoming the largest hyperscale Rated 4 player in the World. The future plans include deployment of edge data centers, with plans underway for 500 data centers in phase-1 and 1,000 data centers in phase-2 to help India achieve its Digital India objective.