Danalitic: Craft AI Technology to Humanize Interaction for Deeper Engagement

Antrixsh Gupta,   CEOArtificial Intelligence (AI) is the most revolutionary technology in several decades that would completely turn the world upside down and then shape it along with new contours. With the best skills of speaking the language of the future, Pune based Danalitic, is responsible for gathering, investigating and representing data and filtering out useful information from it. Even as style correct prognostication tools, Danalitic has a tendency to deliver peace officer IT solutions that cowl knowledge quality assurance, knowledge integration, knowledge management, knowledge visual image and deliver outsourcing during this space.

“Main focus for Danalitic is AI and building AI products that can overcome or overhead to any organizational challenges. It has a business centric focus area because we are building a smart BI
tool. Normally what happens with the business intelligent tool is that the people and the developers need the right to queries. We are building a product that can generate dashboard through the voice. The complete business intelligence is through voice”, adds Antrixsh Gupta, CEO, Danalitic.

"Danalitic is integrating more innovation in AI and Blockchain with voice to provide seamless results to the stock market stakeholders in coding"

AI Platform through Voice
Artificial intelligence is impacting everyday lives, but it's not as scary a concept as people once thought. AI has shown that it can make personal lives much easier, but it doesn't stop at our homes. Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to use AI to engage with customers, make processes easier and drive sales. Danalitic provides AI products which are based on voice techniques like Google home or Amazon Alexa. Popularly, these devices are being used at home or for personal use. However, Danalitic are taking these devices at enterprise level. Danalitic use these devices as voice dashboard. The setup helps one to keep a check on their sales or financial team or marketing departments regarding the output of the previous week’s con calls with clients. The sales team will upload the data in data base, put the entry on application and the user can
check from there. Generally, it takes an hour or two to generate the reports but Danalitic has built this product so that any department head (even those who do not have much knowledge of technology) can check on the reports. In a busy world where time is considered as money, Danalitic intends to provide immediately generated reports of particular sales, and products etc. With the help of voice only, user can know about the sales of particular products on a particular day, date or month and the complete dashboard will be generated in his system. Moreover, Danalitic is also defining deep learning layer over it to enable prediction as well.

Danalitic has entered 2 client ventures in the European market and has also added some of the automation making it a turning point for the company. Danalitic is integrating more innovation in AI and Blockchain with voice to provide seamless results to the stock market stakeholders in coding. Further, Danalitic offers consultation through inhouse or outhouse training for the AI and Blockchain as cloud to provide best in class workforce to the enterprises. Danalitic aims to build indepth genomic systems with multi-level data for personalization & recommendation and are able to gather what one needs for their business and mould the unstructured and structured data into the utmost perfect and secure way.