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Milind Thorat,CEO & Co-Founder

Milind Thorat

CEO & Co-Founder

Cybersecurity in the current world is a must for everyone. Wondering why? It's because we are now living in a digital world where with the advancement in technology, cybercrime is also rising at a proportional rate. Yes, with an increase of more than three billion records breached over six years there is no doubt that cybercrime is increasing rapidly, and there is no `Stop' button for it. Recently, a major security breach of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has been reported by the Delhi police. Also, according to the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) report, India has witnessed a 37 percent increase in cyberattacks in the first quarter of 2020, as compared to the fourth quarter of last year. The aforementioned data along with the rising cyberattacks are clearly portraying cyber-security as the dire need of the hour for not just the businesses, but the entire ecosystem.

Pune-based CyberSniper Solutions comprehends all of the facets and leverages its deep industry know-how to offers best-in-class security solutions to its clients that are not just pragmatic & cost-effective, but robust, reliable & feasible. The firm has adopted the highest security standards & compliances to create magic in the cybersecurity space.

Cybersecurity Solutions With Strong Dedication
Looking at the demand, a huge number of wannabe companies have mushroomed in the industry and each one of them claims to provide the top-level solutions. However, a few proffer services that fit the client's needs & budgets without compromising on quality; CyberSniper is exactly one of them. Delivering high quality customized services in dedicated turnaround time has been the forte of Cyber-Sniper. Established in 2017, the firm is flourishing under the aegis of Milind Thorat (CEO & Co-Founder), a seasoned Information Security Professional with a career spanning 20+ years in the IT Industry. Today, CyberSniper is prominently renowned as the one-stop-solution provider to all cybersecurity requirements. Furthermore, the organization has etched its name in the industry with its ingenious solutions handcrafted by certified specialists while adhering to industry standards like ISO 27001 and ISO 22301.

Recently, when for the 3rd time, the Indian govt. banned Chinese apps (including PubG game) - Milind was inter-viewed by local FM channel 93.5 FM to explain the necessity of the ban and how these Chinese apps are a threat to our privacy and security. Under his aegis, CyberSniper Solutions is tying up with schools to impart cyber security education to schools. He plans to also educate parents of teenage kids on how they can ensure their children are safe on the internet. Milind states, "Our philosophy is to look at every project as if it was our first. This helps us deliver according to client requirements rather than selling what we know."
Reliable Services
The class-leading service portfolio of CyberSniper includes CISO as a service (Virtual CISO), security & privacy consultancy, and assurance services. Under CISO as a service, clients are thoroughly guided with a number of solutions to improve their security or compliance, such as strategic advice on their security planning, developing the security program, implementation of security requirements to suit compliances or any business requirements and much more. From 3rd party certification to the implementation of various frameworks like PCI DSS or NIST, CyberSniper takes care of everything under security & privacy consultancy.

CyberSniper's assurance services are designed and executed based upon risk factors commonly associated with the client's specific product and industry. Under this segment, the firm offers assessments for network security, web security, mobile application security testing and much more according to the client's requirements. Apart from these solutions, CyberSniper also provides corporate training to clients. Increased security is the obvious reason why all businesses, big or small, should have employees of all levels learn the importance of protecting themselves and their organization from cyberattacks. Offering exactly the same, CyberSniper helps clients to strengthen their most vulnerable links in the chain.

We consider it as our responsibility to enlighten our client with the knowledge about the importance as well as advantages of cybersecurity and guide them to choose the right path

But what actually makes CyberSniper unique is its sincerity towards cybersecurity and its endeavour towards building an honest relationship with the clients. "What makes us different is our dedication to cybersecurity and its importance. Sometimes clients want things to be done only for the sake of satisfying their clients or regulatory bodies, but we don't do the work that way.

We consider it as our responsibility to enlighten our client with the knowledge about the importance as well as advantages of cyber-security and guide them to choose the right path," boasts Milind. Not just that, taking a step ahead, the firm promotes cybersecurity education through its Facebook page and You-Tube channel in Marathi, Hindi and English. Leveraging the amalgamation of technology & social media, CyberSniper has delivered discussions on various topics such as digital payment security, technology, and social media awareness.

A Great Future Ahead
CyberSniper's reputed portfolio with clients like SunTec, Autopeepal, JJIT Fintech, ASL Industries, amongst others exemplifies the company's excellence in service. Further spanning this graph to higher echelon is CyberSniper's capability of catering to numerous industries including BFSI, Automobile, IT & software industries, healthcare, and manufacturing industry, to name a few.

Standing tall since its inception, CyberSniper records a continuous growth of 50 percent YoY and has plans in the pipeline for expanding its presence to international regions including Canada and Singapore. The organization is also working towards the addition of new service which will prominently focus on device security and data protection. "In addition to that, we will be working with schools to take cybersecurity awareness sessions to schools for teenagers. Plans are underway to take the cybersecurity awareness sessions for parents as well. Last but not the least, in order to empower the cybersecurity ecosystem, we would increase collaborations with different cybersecurity organization and IT integrators" concludes Milind.

Milind Thorat, CEO & Co-Founder
A cybersecurity expert with two decades of experience in the industry, Milind is also a Virtual CISO, Consultant, Trainer, Incident Investigator and Auditor who stays ahead in actively addressing clientele quandaries with prompt assistance and service.

Offices: Pune
Offerings: CISO as a Service (Virtual CISO), Security & Privacy Consultancy, Assurance Services, and Corporate Training, and Security training.