Curio: Complete Automated Travel and Expense Management Software with Travel Fulfillment Services

Shashi Sinha,    COOBased on a study conducted by Pay Stream Consultants, companies spend about $20.18 to process a single spending report. The total number of employees travelling and the number of reports filed every month leads to unnecessary spending that could be curbed, while the companies implementing automated expense management software use less than half of the cash to produce and process expense reports. Having automated reporting, validation and documentation software in a very short span of time at less than half the cost appears to be a feasible path for most companies. While Old is Gold, that's not applicable to keep up with the trends and growth. Headquartered in Bangalore, Curio is one of the most advanced Travel and Expense(T&E) management solution with travel fulfillment services.

With over 15 years' industrial expertise, when Shashi Sinha, COO, Curio, joined the firm two years ago, he realized that automation holds a lot of potential in T&E management, where not only travel expenses, but also travel related expenses like admin expenses, petty cash management, HR reimbursement and many other expenses could be managed under one platform. "We went ahead with our plans and incorporated automation with company related transactions including for forex vendors. At the same time, to make works easy, we offer realtime integration with company's HR system and finance system. The solution integrates easily with
existing systems and centralizes the data, thus improving the ROI on existing solutions. When it comes to T&E, Curio is the only completely automated service provider of T&E management that fulfills every travel services and simplifies the way a company manages its expenses and other related compliances," says Shashi Sinha, COO, Curio.

Curio is one of the most advanced Travel and Expense(T&E) management solution with travel fulfillment services

The key features of Curio include online travel booking, auto populated expenses, and mobility throughout lifecycle and realtime budget control. Curio addresses the complete T&E lifecycle, from policy definition, budget enforcement, and online self booking to automated expense processing and invoice reconciliation. By capturing and reporting every aspect of T&E spends, Curio ensures that detailed information is provided which eventually helps clients effectively negotiate with vendors, create budgets and manage compliance. "Travel & Entertainment(T&E) is the second most controllable expense for organizations, means how you manage your T&E is the real secret to savings. With Curio, we help corporations manage the parts of their business that make a significant impact to the bottom line," adds Shashi.

Since its inception in 2014, the inception ideology of Curio is to minimize the effort of the client from the manpower point of view. The system should be able to manage things while allowing the company to automate, centralize and digitize. Curio is trying to achieve almost 95 percent of compliance in terms of the travel policies that the company has. In terms of opportunity, Curio has a big catalogue for the clients to choose from depending on what they want, and eventually they can choose the service; this is one of the main reason why there is a lot of potential for Curio in the market and probably will be doing much better in a couple of months or a couple of years down the line.

Currently working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology, Curio plans to go ahead and automate the entire back office operations in the years to come. Curio is also working on a GST solutions that will help companies to save a lot of tax and optimize the entire payment enabling the GST savings through realtime input calculation. The organization is into the global operation with GDPR certifications as well and probably can sign up a client in India who has operations from outside India.