CR Risk Advisory: Solving Major IT Forensics Issues with Creative Manual Techniques

Chiranshu Ahuja, CEO & President

Chiranshu Ahuja

CEO & President

Being the bottom most item on an organization’s priority list, cyber security draws the smallest portion of pie during budget allocations. However lately, with news channels blowing horns regarding hacking incidents everyday, even SMEs are gaining awareness about cyber threat’s consequences. Spreading further awareness, CR Risk Advisory has been pushing them in the right direction with its free network & website Vulnerability Assessment service, which gives organizations a clear picture of their security status and how it might lead to revenue loss, not to mention reputation. Unlike other companies that hang their hats on automated tools and perform VAPT with very minimal manual intervention, CR has inculcated a knowledge-based culture, where manual techniques are used creatively. This equips its people to handle new & unexpected threats that keep popping up daily. CR once found some major vulnerabilities manually that could reveal sensitive customer information (account number, passwords&so on) in an international bank, which its existing information security
vendor failed to expose with their automated tools.

CR follows the Chinese wall policy to ensure that client’s confidentiality is absolutely protected

Indomitable Services

Under information security services umbrella, the company provides Information Security Assessments, Information Security Design & Framework, Incident Management & Response, VAPT and IT Forensics. “IT Forensics is the most strenuous service we offer, but it’s what excites us the most,” proclaims Chiranshu Ahuja, CEO & President, CR Risk Advisory. Leveraging its extensive technical knowledge, the company has resolved major problems involving cyber crimes like corporate espionage, data breaches, fraudulent transactions, internet stalking, criminal IP infringements, online identity theft, DOS attacks and many others.

The company also aids enterprises to protect their most critical business data by procuring security as a service solution, where it leverages the data from attacks to enable organizations to effectively accomplish their business with confidence.CR follows the Chinese wall policy to ensure that client’s confidentiality is absolutely protected. Instead of forcing its fixed methodologies on clients, the company follows a
model that recognizes and respects the unique elements of client’s business environment and their regulatory compliances. This competency has facilitated the 2013-established CR to enrich its client portfolio with several leading international organizations with an impressive 150 percent annual revenue boost.

Stress-Free 100 Percenters

Rather than racing along with competitors, the company focuses on winning its client’s confidence by giving its 100 percent in every assignment. “In our field, we can’t afford to take any chances. Even 99 percent won’t do! A single hack is enough to tarnish the reputation of our clients and CR,” he adds. This explains why the company recruits candidates based on their eagerness to learn and puts them through an extensive training for 15-20 days in the CR environment. The company has nearly 50 such talented people who carry out their desired work efficiently in a pressure-free milieu, where they’re neither forced to wear formal clothes or stress about project delivery. CR makes them feel that everyone of them is an important asset to the company.

Leveraging its creativity to enter the security products segment being the next natural step, CR intends to build certain proprietary secure communication products to aid government agencies with their confidential work. Growing further, this Gurugram-based company also intends to launch its offices in U.S., UK & Middle East by the end of this year, as 90 percent of its clients are international.