Collabera Digital: Boosting Business Value with the Perfect Amalgamation of Cutting-edge Technology & Talent

 Mehul Shah,  Founder & Managing Director

Mehul Shah

Founder & Managing Director

In the last few years, the rapid adoption of the new-age digital technology has brought disruption and trans-formation of businesses across industries globally.

To stay relevant in today's times, companies must be ahead of the current technological curve and prepare for the upcoming technological trends. Towards this objective, one of the tasks is to collaborate with reliable digital technology partners, who are experts in providing digital solutions thereby enabling businesses to power through and re-engineer themselves, swiftly as and when required.

This is what Collabera Digital excels in. Collabera Digital is a digital native company that enables enterprises to innovate, reimagine and re invent their businesses through its full stack digital engineering services and transform themselves into future ready organizations. With its footprints in 11 countries across APAC and Europe and with a workforce of 8,500+ technology experts, Collabera Digital,has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies globally in digital engineering.

An agile organization with a tremendous growth trajectory for the last five years, Collabera Digital has become the preferred partner to clients, across industries, around the globe. With its expertise in Applications Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Data & Analytics, Automation and Customer Experience Engineering, Collabera Digital provides businesses with nextgen solutions that address their unique needs. From leading fintech companies to retail,
healthcare and telecom giants, Collabera Digital has provided organizations with powerful digital boosters, to pivot and accelerate their digital trajectory as well as scale up their operations.

What makes Collabera Digital unique is the focus and attention to detail given to clients and their business problems. The firm provides tailor-made solutions that are modern, agile, futuristic and built to scale, thus enabling companies to bolster their present and their future. The company emphasizes innovation, excellence and client-centricity which is reflected in its culture and employees. "We are creating a culture of innovation and excellence to enhance customer and human experiences. We believe in making a positive impact and provide real value through everything we do", says Mehul Shah, Founder & Managing Director, Collabera Digital.

We are building the future by engineering technology which is in tandem with the current and upcoming technological trends

Collabera Digital empowers businesses to design powerful customer engagement models that help them stay ahead in the digital roadmap. These models are engineered at the intersection of technology and human experiences unleashing continuous innovation. From strategy and architecture to engineering and modernization from cloud enabled infrastructure to versatile platforms, Collabera Digital's engineering solutions enable organizations to make a seamless migration to scalable, secure and agile technology that powers their businesses. Its Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence expertise enable organisations to unlock their untapped potential and make smart data-driven decisions.

While organizations navigate the digital reality with technology, having a skilled and digitally forward workforce is equally important to drive the transformation. Collabera Digital understands this and has orchestrated talent solutions helping organizations gain a competitive edge, by getting access to highly skilled digital talent and teams in realtime. Through its innovative digital talent and digital team models, Collabera Digital is building a future ready workforce that is well adjusted to the dynamism of the digital ecosystem.

"We build winning digital teams and establish ecosystems that flawlessly execute projects of any size, location complexity or scale", adds Mehul Shah. With continuous innovation in its DNA and a high degree of expertise acquired in a short span, Collabera Digital is poised to emerge as one of the most formidable names and a company to watch out for in the space of Digital Engineering!