Cogniticx: Bridging The Digital & Data Science Skill Gap Nextgen Magaged Gig Talent Network

Rishi Bagga,   Co-Founder

Rishi Bagga


Companies face the challenge of harnessing the value of data by leveraging AI/ML, Analytics and IoT technologies as data sets get larger and more diverse. Those that use data science inefficiently may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Companies can't get the most out of data without data science, and there aren't enough data scientists to go around. Additionally, the pandemic has exacerbated the rate at which organizations globally are embarking upon Digital Transformation projects, thereby leading to a scramble for quality talent! This global talent war throws open immense opportunities for Indian talent and Global IT & Consulting bellwethers alike, if leveraged well.

"Cogniticx seeks to empower both Clients and Service Partners by Ensuring That Each Party Meets Its Business Objectives Successfully"

Data scientist is one of today's hottest career titles, and competition for talent is severe. These experts typically handle a wide range of tasks critical to enterprise analytics projects, including collecting, cleansing, and organizing large and diverse data sets; designing and testing various algorithms; building and deploying machine learning-based solutions; analyzing data for patterns; and communicating findings to business stakeholders. Since nearly every business is looking out for data scientists and digital tech professionals, the demand has quickly outgrown the supply of qualified candidates. Project delays and increased expenses caused by a skills gap and longer hiring durations have hampered organizations' digital transformation initiatives.

However, recent breakthroughs such as talent matching platforms may provide an answer for organizations to circumvent this talent bottleneck. If the growing demand for Digital professionals and Data Scientists is to be met, talent matching platforms will play a critical role. Significantly, one of India's largest and pioneering Data Science and Digital Technology Gig marketplace, that’s driven with a mission of democratizing the consumption of digital technology and generating value-added work opportunities for talented professionals is Cogniticx.

Cogniticx solves for its two constituents; Clients(any organization/ individual eager to acquire critical talent or key insights about their business by employing Analytics) and Service Partners (Data Scientists or Digital tech professionals, either agencies or freelancers). Cogniticx seeks to empower both Clients and Service Partners by ensuring that each party meets its business objectives successfully, at the lowest possible cost, and with the least amount of administrative overhead.
The firm aims to play a prominent role in lowering the cost of Technology adoption as well as improving success rates for Clients that use these services due to its single point emphasis on providing managed Talent solutions. It leverages its innovative business model, that allows clients to onboard in demand Digital and Data Science skills, on-demand. For its Service Partners Cogniticx generates opportunities for by expanding their canvas and enabling them reach out to large marquee clients, whom they would not have been able to reach on their own. Service Partners can better monetize their bench and expertise owing to Cogniticx's efficient AI led matching mechanism.

“We aim to help the rising entrepreneurial aspirations of India’s young population by facilitating a new generation of entrepreneurs ‘The DataPreneurs’ who typically start as solopreneurs on the platform, but eventually may branch out as boutique data science and digital tech firms, fostering innovation at the grass-root level,” emphasizes Rishi Bagga, Co-Founder, who has led large Business Transformational engagements leveraging Analytics and Information Technology at Corporations and Conglomerates across various industrial verticals including Automotive, AutoAncillary, Energy & Utilities, Consumer Goods, Retail, and Process. With over a decade and a half of expertise in evangelizing the adoption of Analytics in the India subcontinent, he had successfully scaled up the business as the Director of Manufacturing and Energy businesses at SAS Inc. He believes in developing people and building the capability to discover and solve greenfield opportunities for longterm organizational success.

One Of India's Largest And Pioneering Data Science And Digital Technology Gig Marketplace

Unprecedented Data-Science & Digital Tech Gig Ecosystem
It’s almost banal to say that the world has now entered the era of data ubiquity and rapid digitalization. Data Science is particularly useful for decision-making and predictions and businesses today can’t run efficiently without a smart Data Science strategy.It entails developing plans for recording, storing, and analyzing data in order to extract useful information. Unfortunately, due to the global talent war and great resignation, data science and digital skill inadequacies have become common these days,leading to the risk of losing competitiveness.

Perfectly understanding the requirements, Cogniticx, on one hand, serves its clients by leveraging its Gig Talent ecosystem to ensure that client’s fundamental requirements of getting critical skills for their businesses are met, while absolving them of significant long term and sticky resource costs. On the other hand, Cogniticx invests significantly to create a market for its 23000+ Service Partners to ensure a steady pipeline of rewarding work opportunities. As a result, it acts as an enabler for its Service Partners to grow their business by expanding their bench, almost risk free, as Cogniticx undertakes to create bench monetization for them.

Cogniticx’s success can be attributed to its industry leading breadth of digital skills it aggregates and to a razor-sharp focus on curating the finest Data Science and Digital talent and making them available to its clients, on demand. It has institutionalized a stringent 5 step assessment and curation process, combining AI based algorithmic scoring with industry leading third party assessments and background-verifications. As a result, only the best talent options reach the clients, post in-depth scanning and processing, with clients getting their required skills at price points they’d like to pay.

Cogniticx has architected a novel way for its clients to access critical skills, one that turns on its head the outmoded way of fixed rate-card based contractual hiring. Instead, clients have complete flexibility to ask for their preferred skills, at their pre-specified budgets and Cogniticx does the heavy lifting and picks out a needle from the haystack for them, without any administrative overhead. Clients are not left stranded either exposed to talent outages or resource costs that burn a hole in their project budgets.

For its Service Partners, Cogniticx assists in making market for their services and allows them to focus on their core competency, which is weaving magic with Data Science and Digital tech. Cogniticx takes over the remaining responsibilities, including payment protection, which guarantees that there is minimal administrative overhead for them too. All they have to do is pick and choose projects they want to work on, add value to their profiles and scale up rapidly.