Club Code Technology: A Trailblazer in Zoho-Centric Digital Transformation

Navdeep Sen,  Co-Founder

Navdeep Sen


Zoho, a leading player in the CRM industry, has gained significant prominence due to its robust customization capabilities, integration flexibility, and consistent investments in research and development. As businesses increasingly seek tailored solutions, Zoho's versatility and affordability have fueled its growth. With a growing relevance in diverse sectors and a commitment to innovation, Zoho continues to carve a niche as a comprehensive and adaptable CRM platform, addressing the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

Club Code Technology, a SAS-based company, has positioned itself as a formidable force in the implementation and customization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, notably Salesforce and Zoho. Established in 2010 by industry veterans, Navdeep Sen and Anil Sharma, with a rich background in Bain & Company and IBM Global, the company has transitioned into a Zoho partner, offering a diverse array of services to businesses worldwide. Club Code Technology is delivering customized solutions to the Semiconductor, Supply Chain, and Solar & EV industries in collaboration with the domain experts Atul Thakur and Ravi Kumar in the Semiconductor sector. Utilizing Zoho Creator, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Catalyst, the company has established a dedicated team to cater specifically to the unique needs of these sectors.

Specializing not only in Salesforce and Zoho but also in other CRMs such as HubSpot, Bitrix 24, Bain & Co India and V Tiger, Club Code Technology boasts a team of 30 experts engaged in Zoho-related projects across the globe. The company excels in delivering comprehensive solutions, encompassing Zoho One implementation, CRM setup, AI-driven chatbots, Zoho Catalysts, extensions, app development, e-commerce integration, and ERP system creation. Motivated by a commitment to aid businesses, ranging from startups to enterprises, in their digital transformation journey, Club Code Technology focuses on optimizing software costs and boosting productivity through the efficient implementation of CRM solutions.

“In my 12 years within the CRM industry, spanning from Salesforce to Zoho, I've observed Zoho's evolution and its immense potential in customization and integration. Unlike platforms such as or HubSpot which posed challenges, Zoho emerged as a comprehensive solution, bridging gaps seamlessly. With significant investments in R&D and innovations like
Zoho Catalyst, it's poised to rival Salesforce and become a leading ERP solution, offering diverse industries an all-encompassing suite for efficient business operations”, emphasizes Navdeep Sen, Co-Founder at Club Code Technology.

Club Code Technology's Comprehensive Zoho Solutions

Club Code Technology stands as a stalwart in the realm of digital transformation by implementing various Zoho applications and offering specialized services tailored to diverse business needs. From CRM solutions for marketing, sales, and operations to custom applications addressing unique requirements like supply chain management, the company excels in providing comprehensive solutions. Its focus on integration-based projects ensures seamless connectivity, optimizing Zoho applications with clients' existing systems. It excels in e-commerce solutions, aiding businesses in Zoho website setup, lead capture, and payment integration for efficiency. Furthermore, the company CLUB CODE TECHNOLOGY: A Trailblazer in Zoho-Centric Digital Transformation pioneers AI-based solutions, leveraging their experience across different business verticals.

Club Code Technology stands as a stalwart in the realm of digital transformation by implementing various Zoho applications, offering specialized services tailored to diverse business needs

Notably, Club Code Technology emphasizes AI-based custom solutions, leveraging its expertise across diverse verticals. In the realm of Zoho development services, the company excels in CRM architecture, consulting, automation, and integrations, extending its capabilities to include Zoho desk, Zoho people, and Zoho catalyst implementations. Its commitment to Industry 4.0 automation solutions, coupled with proficiency in financial and manufacturing domains, positions Club Code Technology as a versatile and innovative player in the Zoho development landscape.

“Our core team comprises 25 developers with expertise in Node GS, blockchain, Java, Python, data science, and Hadoop. With 35 members specializing in Zoho, including certified Zoho professionals, we bring expertise in CRM and full-stack development. Our research and development team, focused on creating products and extensions, has launched 18 extensions available in various marketplaces, including four in Zoho's marketplace. This multifaceted team drives Club Code Technology's innovation and success”, adds Anil Sharma, Co-Founder at Club Code Technology.

Journey of Excellence

Club Code Technology has experienced remarkable growth since establishing operations in India three years ago. With a consistent annual growth rate of 37 percent, the company has successfully completed over 300 projects, solidifying its position as a top-rated agency on Zoho. The firm has expanded its footprints on the international front with a significant presence in the US, Australia, and the European market, with business offices in New Zealand, Christchurch, and the US. The mission of Club Code Technology revolves around helping businesses, irrespective of their scale, optimize applications, embrace cloud technologies, and enhance day-to-day operations through Zoho and AI features.

Looking ahead, the company aims to create custom industry-specific solutions, providing businesses with ready made products that can be easily customized. The focus includes deep integration solutions with leading applications like Google, Google Suite, and QuickBooks. Moreover, Club Code Technology is venturing into AI-based products, planning to launch around 90 extensions in the second quarter of the year. The company's strategic vision positions it as a key player in fostering digital transformation across diverse industries, emphasizing tailor-made solutions, robust integrations, and cutting-edge AI applications.