CloudGenix: Leveraging SD-WAN for Seamless Networking Integration

Kumar Ramachandran, CEOEnterprises today are looking for a complete solution for their increasing and complex networking needs which are not being fulfilled by the traditional Wide Area Network (WAN). With the continually increasing popularity of cloud computing, cloud applications, and availability of low-cost and high-performance internet connections, the load on legacy network architectures has increased substantially. Moreover, it lacks the flexibility needed in a cloudfirst world and has become too cumbersome to manage, resulting in the WAN becoming a barrier to innovation and furthering its position as a cost center rather than an innovation center. These macro trends have generated a need for companies to adopt a new, more intelligent and application aware network that is capable of providing performance, security, agility, and visibility. The CloudGenix AppFabric software defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution solves these issues, enabling IT to become a facilitator of innovation. Talking about the solution, CEO of CloudGenix, Kumar Ramachandran says, “CloudGenix software defined WAN (SD-WAN) with AppFabric connects sites securely with application awareness to seamlessly integrate cloud, take advantage of broadband Internet, align WAN management with business priority and reduce remote office hardware and operational costs.”

CloudGenix AppFabric allows businesses to
incorporate any WAN transport based on the requirements of each office. It also automatically generates secure connectivity amongst sites while continuously monitoring application performance. AppFabric uses topdown policies to map applications, sites, and WAN links to meet requirements for performance, security and compliance and adaptively shifts its behavior in handling traffic according to actual WAN and application conditions, enabling agility, better manageability, and a dramatically improved user experience. CloudGenix AppFabric is designed to meet the crucial needs of any WAN buyer. “By ensuring the optimal user experience over any transport through policies for performance, security, and compliance, CloudGenix allows businesses to gain better performance at a fraction of the cost with more freedom and flexibility,” says Ramachandran.

CloudGenix software defined WAN (SD-WAN) with appfabric connects sites securely with application awareness to seamlessly integrate cloud, take advantage of broadband Internet, align WAN management with business priority, and reduce remote office hardware and operational costs

CloudGenix’s AppFabric relies on measurements of units of data beyond those considered by legacy networking products. AppFabric not only considers packet and WAN link metrics like traditional networking products, but also factors in metrics related to the application itself and overall user experience including transaction response time and session quality. Shedding more light on the product’s capabilities, Ramachandran highlights, “Policies are defined according to business needs rather than esoteric networking rules, and enforcement is based on the actual end user experience with an application.”

CloudGenix provides a solution for network security considerations of the business as well. Commenting on security concerns, Ramchandaran assures saying, “Each of our solution components is designed and built to provide the highest levels of security, both in terms of carrying company data through the network in addition to the systems and components themselves.” Along with providing a secure networking platform, AppFabric includes an application aware zone based firewall to protect the perimeter for branch offices. Further, AppFabric integrates with cloud delivered threat detection and prevention services to allow businesses to ensure they have a consistent security perimeter for every site.