Clotus Infotech: Revolutionizing CRM Solutions With Real-Time Visibility, & Seamless Sales Transformation

 Pankaj Kumar,   FounderIn an industry set to reach $58 billion by 2026, Clotus Infotech addresses critical gaps by offering innovative CRM solutions. The prevailing trend of businesses seeking autonomy and operational efficiency highlights the need for real-time visibility, a challenge met by Clotus Infotech’s CRM systems. Traditionally, decision-makers faced the arduous task of manually collecting feedback and checking reports. Clotus Infotech disrupts this with seamlessly integrated CRM software, creating customized dashboards for swift decision making. The company’s approach aligns with the industry’s shift towards instant access, simplifying decision-making for owners and C-level executives. Clotus Infotech stands out as a key player bridging the gap, enabling businesses to refresh dashboards with a click, presenting all key performance indicators effortlessly. In a landscape where companies aspire to reveal their entire organizational details with a single click, Clotus Infotech plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations.

Innovating CRM Solutions, Driving Transformation

Headquartered in Ranchi, Jharkhand, Clotus Infotech is a leading CRM centric firm dedicated to digitally transforming business processes. Specializing in CRM solutions like Zoho, the company conducts comprehensive client interviews to grasp existing manual operations, crafting tailored plans for diverse departments. Founded by an individual with a background in CRM development, the company addresses a market gap where established organizations still rely on outdated methods like Excel sheets for vital
functions. “Within a mere eighteen months since our transition to a private limited company, we have effectively catered to over 50 clients. As we set a goal to lead 100 more customers through our digitization journey in the upcoming year, we achieve a significant milestone in the advancement of technological solutions”, speaks Pankaj Kumar, Founder.

The firm is a trailblazer in CRM solutions, anticipates the global CRM application market’s growth to $58 billion by 2026. Specializing in tailored integrations, the company ensures real-time visibility for business leaders and C-level executives through bespoke reports and dashboards. “Catering to various sectors, we tackle lead management obstacles by consolidating disparate sources into a centralized CRM platform. Transforming the sales process, we seamlessly incorporate telephony software into the CRM, facilitating thorough call tracking and recording”, adds Pankaj. A unique personalized onboarding process involves collaborative mapping of clients’ business journeys and challenges, culminating in a customized digitization plan using DRAW.IO software. This meticulous approach ensures an efficient implementation process, typically lasting four to eight weeks, accommodating various complexities and use cases.

Clotus Infotech stands as a pioneer in redefining digital transformation, delivering innovative solutions tailored to a diverse global clientele

Global Innovation Hub, Transforming Businesses

Clotus Infotech, a renowned IT innovation and consulting firm, is globally represented by a 15-member team with diverse expertise in web applications, retail, healthcare, travel, and real estate. The team, including three sales professionals, adeptly bridges the gap between business requirements and technological solutions, specializing in CRM development, integrations, and implementations. Utilizing advanced tools such as Sales force and Zoho CRM, they craft tailored journeys for clients. The engagement process is adap table, with smaller projects typically concluding in one to two weeks and midsize projects spanning four to six weeks. “Additionally, we offer a managed service model, enabling continuous engagement for ongoing digitization and process implementation”, says Pankaj.

The firm is strategically charting a course for expansion, with plans to establish offices in Bangalore and Delhi by year-end, transcending its current base in Ranchi. This expansion initiative extends beyond the domestic landscape, encompassing international markets, particularly catering to clients in the US and UK. In tandem with this geographical growth, the company is poised to augment its product portfolio, currently featuring services in web application development, digital marketing, and Salesforce development. Having commenced operations in March 2022, Clotus Infotech has swiftly made its mark, fostering digitalization journeys for esteemed clients.