Orion Solutions: Offers Complete Stack of CISCO Solution with Next Generation Technology

Abu Naim,Founder & Executive Director

Abu Naim

Founder & Executive Director

Networking and security requirements are of utmost importance for evolving companies. Any organization having network environment and connected with external world using telecom links has threats of insecurity, and hence requires a secure environment. A regular upgradation of the IT infrastructure is also necessary for greater productivity. CISCO has gained a crucial position around the globe in these segments and is the only OEM that keeps initiating new strategies enabling industries run as they are meant to. Organizations are keen to adopt CISCO Solutions because of its reliability and regularity in providing answers to business queries. Orion Solutions is one of the leading solution providers for CISCO that caters to the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh from Gorakhpur, Lucknow & Allahabad. It optimizes the core IT infrastructure with client’s data centre, network and personal systems by providing managed (fully maintain or host your IT Infrastructure), professional (design and implement the best IT Infrastructure solutions) and product procurement services (source and supply the right IT product).

Exceptional Services

Debuted in 2005, Orion supplies IT design, provision and support services, including help desks, networks, storage, voice communications, backup arrangements and
cloud computing implementations for organizations of all sizes. Its services cover network connectivity, security, UCS solution and CISCO Domain Ten Framework that helps customers to remove complexity and achieve maximum potential from IT activities, customize roadmap to IT transformation, modernization and standardization with the right server platform, accelerate server provisioning through virtualization and automation. Additionally, Orion works around CISCO solutions and deliver end-to-end solutions (Firewall/VPN, IPSEC VPN, IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus, SPAM Prevention, Web Content Filtering, UTM Appliances, SSL VPN, WAN Optimization, Security Information Management) that customers can use to secure their network from all external threat.

The stack has transformed Orion as a one-stop-shop for all business requirements and clients don’t need to worry about interoperability issues

Today, most of the organizations do not know how to plan the network architecture and manage infrastructure, what should be the capacity planning and what security to implement. Capacity planning in IT departments has been informed by the limitations of traditional data centers. Orion being a CISCO partner does not limit itself to traditional data centres but with its 360° account planning focuses on all aspects of customer’s business processes and tries to build long term relationship with them by offering a complete solution stack of CISCO with next generation technology. The stack has transformed Orion as a one-stop-shop for all business requirements and clients don’t need to worry about
interoperability issues.

Growing while Enlightening

To enhance client’s future growth, Orion works on three main parameters: employee must know about the clients, what they need & why and have general understanding of the major business processes in detail. Company’s employees work on satisfaction of client on existing need (pain area), creating & satisfying new needs and adopt pattern based strategies, while trying to enlighten clients about new realities of IT. They work closely with customers to deliver end-to-end solutions from designing to implementation and hand hold them from beginning to end during the project life cycle. “We always believe in ownership based work culture (every employee is independent and owner of his/her responsibilities). We motivate them to get trained& sponsor them to get certified on different OEM certification programs,” asserts Abu Naim, Founder & Executive Director, Orion Solutions.

Established its presence in Allahabad and Lucknow as well, Orion serves clients from education, government and corporate sectors, and focuses on providing hassle free solutions & services, covering all aspect of their requirements. Aiming to grow as a solution provider, the company strives to perform its best in the current technology shift, and focus on ‘Simple Solutions to Complex Businesses’.

Key Management:
Abu Naim, Founder & Executive Director

Yasir Israr, Director Technical & Sales

Offices: Mumbai (Headquarter)
Offerings: Application Delivery, Network Security, IT Security & Endpoint, Storage (SAN, NAS & DAS), Server & Storage, Data Centre solutions, and many others.