CDNetworks: Solving Deep-seated Challenges in the Cybersecurity Domain with a Holistic Bundle of Solutions

Doyle Deng,Global Product Solution Leader

Doyle Deng

Global Product Solution Leader

Websites and their associated web applications are plagued by innumerous security threats throughout all the regions of the globe. It could range from a hacking attempt for extortion or hacking to get sensitive customer information such as credit card details, a complete takeover of accounts to opening up thousands of anonymous accounts, scraping of websites, data, or resources ­ it's a never-ending list.

CDNetworks is one such global corporation that helps business enterprises solve the pain-points pertaining to the ever-increasing cyber threats that harm critical web infrastructure. Established in the year 2000, CDNetworks is a globally well recognized full-service content delivery network (CDN). In the past 7 years, it has laid out great emphasis towards the development of CDN solutions focused on web security over the cloud infrastructure distributed globally. Originated in South Korea and headquartered in Singapore, CDNetworks has a global presence from the US to EMEA with a considerable foothold over South-East Asia and Asia Pacific region, including deep penetration in China as well. In addition to its global reach, CDNetworks also offers its customers support in their language in accordance to the specific time zones.

CDNetworks offers a wide variety of security solutions that include web application firewalls, bot management, DDoS mitigation solutions are available. Each application complements each other in an easy to integrate manner. Most CDNetworks clients are global brands in the process of quick
expansion. The company's solid foundation in China, coupled with a well-connected global reach, gives it a considerable edge over its competitors.

A Complete Package of Distributed Cloud Solutions
At CDNetworks, a holistic array of solutions available to enterprises and small businesses with bundles come at a very competitive rate. The flagship cloud infrastructure security applications developed are as summarized below:

The Application Shield - CDNetworks Application Shield technology is a unique firewall that provides a turnkey cloud-based Web Application Firewall solution to protect web applications from vulnerabilities and attacks.

Integrated with its global CDN, the multi-layered Web Application Firewall technology, it guarantees a secure and high performing web experience. Additionally, Customers of Application Shield receive unlimited application layer DDoS protection and up to 40Gbps of Network layer attack deflection, bundled at no extra cost.

The Bot Shield - It is an add-on product that costs a flat fee regardless of the website traffic. It is particularly useful for clients attacked by automated clients, also known as bots. The Bot Shield plugs in to CDNetworks' Application Shield and is very easy to coordinate between the two products, which use the same portal, access log, and incident investigation tools.

The Flood Shield - Flood Shield (Anti-DDoS) is for volumetric attacks where the application shield's capacity is not big enough, and one would require buying a premium protection for massive attacks. This is where Flood Shield comes into the picture; with over 15Tbps of total capacity, Flood Shield is designed to deflect even the largest and deadliest attacks, which is one of the reasons it is used by large gaming sites, streaming sites and other verticals that are more susceptible to DDoS attacks." The product is configurable and gives full visibility to each of the clients, enabling them to have a precise idea of the load absorbed. Flood Shield allows the clients to see which specific domain(s) on their website(s) has come under security threats.

Additionally, CDNetworks has kick-started a couple of enterprise solutions that are embedded with turbo-charged connectivity for remote access in some geographies and is now actively preparing to launch them globally in the coming year. Concurrently, CDNetworks is also leveling up on its infrastructure and network domains to provide a broader spectrum of security solutions, not limiting to only websites.

Looking to Scale-up on Diverse Security Solutions
In no time at all, the CDNetworks team is working on the next-generation of web application security features with in-depth features like advanced API security, an API gateway, alongside with enhanced bot mitigation solutions for next year.