Blue Copper Technologies: Fuelling Business Growth with Agile and Brand New Practices

Arunabha Ghosh, Founder & CEO,Abhisek Ghosh, Founder & CTOThe business world is at a constant state of flux and rapid evolution. The dynamic nature of the market presents challenges such as constant evolution of the technology landscape, product maintenance, and cost control on the software product companies. An effective product engineering solution can help businesses curb the challenges and launch new products, and also maintain a large product portfolio at significantly lower costs. One such company that is proactively offering product engineering services to businesses across multiple industrial sectors from Fintech to Telecom is Blue copper Technologies. Headquartered in Kolkata ­ one of the fastest evolving IT hubs in the country, the company is backed by a team that has immense knowledge and in-numerable years of experience in the product development background. In the 8 years of the company's functioning, it followed the policy of hiring people from the same engineering background which has led to the successful growth of the company.

The company has devoted itself to understand the different needs of various small, medium and large scale enterprises to help them launch their products in the market. Over the years this company has received recognitions from industry leaders. They also maintained its quality and performance, which has allowed Blue Copper to build a strong relationship with its clients. The company has delivered a number of innovative and high-end solutions across industries in various parts of the globe. To mention a few, Online Auction and Digital Event management portal and analytics for Car Dealerships for Automobile sector, Virtual classroom-based Social Guided Learning Plat-form for e-Learning sector,
Donation portal where loyalty points can be used to help Charities, A geolocation-based solution with Smart Dispatch Algorithm which provides on-demand & real-time monitoring for a Transportation & fleet management company, Work-flow Automation of a leading Manufacturing Company by creating a smart Stock and Procurement Management Solutions. They also created an Intelligent Underwriting and Automatic Claim Processing System with dashboards and automated reports that let the end client monitor sales and marketing KPIs for a General Insurance Company.

Abhisek Ghosh, Founder & CTO

Services and Unique Solutions:
Blue Copper Technology aims to gain an advantage in the crowded market by incorporating new technologies such as DevOps in the process of software product development. To this end, Blue Copper Technologies has developed a unique product called OPTIMORE. It is a mark task management solution that has the ability to fit into any domain. OPTIMORE can accomplish any function as it is highly configurable. The most interesting aspect of this product is that it has an in-built recommendation solution. OPTIMORE is very easy to integrate with any other product therefore it has the scope to connect with a third party partner as well.

The company has devoted itself to understand the different needs of various small, medium as well as large scale enterprises to help them build their products into the market

Future Roadmap
The company has been primarily focused in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Indian market and expanding its operations to other parts of the globe like Latin America, South East Asia and Australia. The company has identified three critical service areas like Product Engineering, Technology Upgradation and Business Analytics which helps clients to grow business on a strong technology foundation. The company has been getting a lot of positive responses from its global clients that want to publish their solution as SaaS or move solutions to Cloud. In addition, they want a good Data Analytics Solution which helps them to make data-driven business decisions.