Bizongo: Learn, Celebrate & Grow with a Disruptive Phenomenon

Aniket Deb,Co-founder & CEO,

Aniket Deb

Co-founder & CEO,

“The saying goes - choose a job you love and you will never have to work again. I’ve felt the same in the short span of my time with Bizongo as a Product Manager. For a technology company in B2B space, I find the most challenging problems to solve which the company culture encourages to tackle with unconventional ideas. With some of the best people to work and hang out with, there has been lots of fun and learning on the way!” remarks Rahul Raj, Product Manager, Bizongo – a B2B marketplace providing purchase analytics, inventory management and purchase planning capabilities to its buyers in Packaging industry.

Besides facilitating SMEs to identify, sell & purchase packaging centric goods outside their geographical vicinity painlessly, Bizongo also introduces transparency and eliminates corruption by empowering them to leverage the technology & internet wave to the maximum extent possible. This uniqueness and goodwill has generated tons of positive buzz around this 18 months young company in national & international media amidst potential clientele and employees, who have worked in massive global organizations & have a brand of their own. Bizongo further amplifies the buzz by participating in tech conferences and packaging industry trade fests. The company banks a lot on employee referrals. “We believe in the choices our people make. We’re here today because of the team we have right now,” proclaims Aniket Deb, Co-founder & CEO, Bizongo.

To gain an entry into this rapidly growing 85 member company, one must fit in its cultural fabric & CULT (C-collaboration, U-upskill, L-leadership, T-transparency) values and must have solved real-time problems from technological, operational or supply chain perspective. Meaning: they should
be able to deliver, manage, lead & handle projects end-to-end and have to be innately collaborative. “With a strict policy of ‘no compromise’, we’ve sifted through thousands of applications to build the right team who are fit culturally & professionally and are unified by their passion & dedication towards growth & achievement. I am glad I'm part of Bizongo’s inspiring growth story,” quotes Sujata Shetty, HR Manager, Bizongo.

Nurturing Physical & Intellectual Health

On achieving lower attrition rate, Aniket says, “An optimum amount of mental happiness would score better than a salary increment of 10 percent when it comes to attrition”.The idea of creating good HR policies that most companies miss out has been in Aniket’s mind even before establishing Bizongo. For instance, the company ensures that its female employees (who occupy 25 percent of its employee demography) feel safe, empowered and happy by implementing a stringent sexual harassment act and by fostering friendship amidst all employees across departments through social gatherings in the form of birthday ceremonies and sport events such as football & cricket tournaments. Celebrating every occasion internally, the company even arranged a pizza union during women’s day.

In a recent campaign, ten of its people across departments were broken into teams, competed against each other in a marathon for twenty days and raised money for Thalassemia Foundation. The more they walk the more money they raise, and the winning team takes home prizes as well! A huge proponent of sports, the company allocates an hour slot for football every week, while nurturing intellectual health through its in-house software-managed library.

Accelerating Performance with Root Cause Analysis

Bizongo’s rigid structural hierarchy facilitates managers to be transparent and professionally close with employees via frequent feedback sessions, which not only analyses functional performance but also their adherence to CULT values. The company improves individual’s performance with root cause analysis, where in it identifies whether one’s underperformance is caused by lack of work or due to
problems in structural planning and rectifies it accordingly.

“Bizongo and I share a relationship that is a two-way street revolving around care, attention and efforts. Sometimes Bizongo has been the baby I’ve witnessed growing from its nascent stage. At other times, I’ve been the baby learning and experiencing new things along the path of growth from the company. Either way, I absolutely love being a part of it. It’s enriching to work with like-minded people who lose sleep over an unhappy customer and who breathe, drink, eat and talk client service,” avows Deepika Johnson, Sr. Client Success Executive, Bizongo.

Aniket embarked on this venture inspired by the government’s push towards e-procurement and Make in India initiative that has been pushing Indian SMEs to manufacture more. Choosing to disrupt the under-explored B2B space, he determined to shed focus on Packaging space. Today having ascended into one of the pre-eminent startups, Bizongo’s success story cuts through the clutter and has been magnetizing not just abundant funding & clientele, but also genuinely interested candidates, who reach out through LinkedIn to solve a specific set of problems as consultant as well. “We are blessed to be in this scenario and we want to keep moving ahead. We’ve identified the problems and know how to keep the momentum going on,” concludes a coherent Aniket.

Key Management:
Aniket Deb, Co-Founder & CEO

Aniket is a disrupting innovator and a renowned game changer who earned his engineering stripes from IIT-Mumbai. He is one of the very few Indian entrepreneurs who have been chronicled in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 list.

Offices: Mumbai (Headquarter), Bangalore & Delhi

Industry Leaders at World Tea & Coffee Expo 2016
Startup Winners at IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program Smart Camp 2015
Red Herring Asia Top 100 2015
Best Innovation Award IndiaPack 2015
Top Five Businesses at Wharton India Economic Forum 2015, USA
Owl Open at Rice University 2015, to name a few