Beardsell: Providing Unparalleled Level of Cleanroom Services

P.Narendran,General Manager


General Manager

Today, with over 20,000 pharmaceutical plants and more than 200 medium and large sized research and development companies, India holds a huge market for cleanroom industry solution providers. According to a recent report, the global cleanroom technology market was valued at $3,107.8 million in 2014, and it is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.7 percent during the period 2015 – 2020. A majority of this growth within this industry is due to the growth and development of the healthcare industry. With growing population, Indian healthcare industry is already on boom. In addition to this, pharmaceuticals such as medicines, injections, ointments and medical devices also require an environment that is free of microbes and particles. This has led to a rise in clean technology adoption.

Chennai headquartered, Beardsell Limited is one such firm which holds a substantial presence in the Clean room industry in the country and also in the path of its continuous growth. Set up in 1936, Beardsell is making its mark in the Indian industrial and manufacturing sectors with its unique cleanroom solutions. With more than two decades of experience in the clean room showground, today, the firm has
evolved as a one-stop-solution for cleanroom requirements with its expertise exclusively lying across the applications of pre-fabricated structures, panel-based cold storages, site office installations, affordable and modular housing systems, clean room compliant doors and insulated partitions, PVC and aluminium covings and roof-top structures. Furthermore, the company works closely with its HVAC partners to design the appropriate air-filtering and air-conditioning systems to maintain the right levels of humidity and temperature in the cleanroom environment.

With more than two decades of experience in the clean room showground, today, Beardsell has evolved as a one-stop-solution for cleanroom requirements

“Design at the initial stage and maintenance in post commissioning are the important pain points that customers come across and at Beardsell, these are addressed skilfully by our experienced Design Team and maintenance personnel. Complete attention is given to minutest details like designing suitable projections of ledges and covings between wall to wall, walls to floor, wall to ceiling junctions, so that we can reduce the accumulation of the dust and assure zero uncleanable recesses. During the execution of a project, every nitty gritty aspect is taken care of; false ceiling are adequately sealed to prevent contamination from the space above them while the windows are confirmed as
non-opening, flush fitting and sealed to prevent ingress of contamination. Some more highlights of Beardsell cleanroom offerings include Return Air Risers incorporated - Isobuild structural insulated sandwich panels which are ideal for clean room and sterile room construction,” says P.Narendran, General Manager, Beardsell Limited.

With close to ten manufacturing and designing units spread across India, Beardsell efficiently manages to cater its services to various leaders of the industry like Mankind Pharma, Bharat Electronics, Cipla, Indian Inst of Astrophysics, Crompton Greaves, Saint Gobbain, ITC, Tata Advance, Bharat Biotech, Nestle, Himalaya Drugs, Wrigley, HAL, Hindustan Latex, Wockhard Hospital, Jubilant, Cadburry and many more. The multiple production facilities and magnetic work milieu along with more than 1000 employees consisting of experienced professional managers, project engineers, production technologists and R&D personnel at its various branches have helped the organization to deliver material faster and complete the job as per clients’ requirement. Speaking on the upcoming plans of the firm, Narendran says, “At Beardsell, our strength lies in providing premium level of services in quickest possible time to meet any timeline of the customer. We bring our professional project management skills and innovative designs to its best use so as to meet the most diverse and varied requirements of the industry. In future, we are all determines to build more production facilities at different locations to expand market reach and we are also looking forward to upgrade our technology to meet the international standards.”