BBALT ENG: offering unmatched clean room Equipments and accessories

K. Deenadhayalan,MDAccording to Grand View Research, global cleanroom technology is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1 percent from 2017 to 2025. Today, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals industries are the key drivers behind such advancements in cleanroom technology. It is to be noted that pharmaceutical industry alone accounted the revenue share of around 48.7 percent in 2016 and became the largest consumer of cleanroom technology. The scope of this growing field is embraced by many industries. Well positioned in this niche sector is Chennai headquartered Bio Breeze Air & Lab Tech Engineering(BBALT Eng)- a leading manufacturer of Clean room and HVAC solution for better and clean environment in working and production area.

A Manufacturer and Supplier of clean room equipments, Bio Breeze's productions are widely utilized in Pharmaceuticals Formulations and Bulk drugs, Bio-tech Labs, Food Processing & Brewage industries, Agricultural Labs, Clinical & Diagnostic Labs, Hospital & Blood banks, Electronic and Automobile sectors. Set up in 2009, the firm envisions evolving as the driving force in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Cleanroom Equipment of high quality that meet standards of Cleanroom
technology.“We undertake the turnkey projects including HVAC, partition, false ceiling, flushed doors, view panels, flushed type Light fixtures, LAF and more to full fill as per Schedule-M, WHO-cGMP and COPP requirements. Applying innovative techniques and ideas in an ever-changing industry is one of our major strengths, our capability and confidence to provide value-added services-product installation and warranties, site testing and commissioning, to handle any project, regardless of size or complexity,from inception, through budgeting,to the design, manufacturing and start up,”says K. Deenadhayalan, Managing Director, Bio Breeze Air & Lab Tech Engineering(BBALT Eng). Apart from this, the firm also offers out site support, user manual and customized packing solutions to their clients.

Bio Breeze (BBALT Eng) houses a highly skilled team which is dedicated towards delivering the best possible experience to customers and potential customers, always striving to deliver well above their expectations

Bio Breeze (BBALT Eng) houses a highly skilled team which is dedicated towards delivering the best possible experience to customers and potential customers, always striving to deliver well above their expectations. “We have a diligent team of dedicated professionals that help in offering unmatched quality of Cleanroom services. These personnel are well versed in the industry and are capable of
managing complete business operations of our organization in an organized and effective manner. Furthermore, Bio Breeze Air & Lab Tech Engineering practices an independent work culture in the company which always motivates our team members to work towards their career growth,” shares Deenadhayalan.K (Prop)

Bio Breeze(BBALT Eng) continuously strives to offer products characterized by high performance, functional safety, and minimum space requirements and timeless plus attractive design. Call it inspiration, obsession or just interest, but the firm is passionate about its business, especially its customers and how they can help them. Bio Breeze is proud to hold a strong clientele which includes Apollo Hospitals - Greems Road, Chennai; Tycosh Formulations, Chennai; ITC Group of Companies, Kumar Organics- Bangalore, Barix Agro - Bangalore, Stabilitas Solvent-AP, UNIMARK Remedies, Gujarat; Madras Medical Mission Hospital; Nuray Chemicals-TN, VITECH India - Chennai, Mediclone Bio Tech -TN, Bioscreen Instruments- Chennai & Bangalore, Skan Research Lab - Pondy, AIR Tech Equipments, Delhi; MEDZONE Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, and many more. Being a key player in the cleanroom industry with niche focus, there is still a room for manoeuvre available for Bio Breeze to open up. Therefore, the company is moving forth with concrete growth strategies to expand their sales and dealership networks and also plans to upgrade the Product Design and Production techniques to make them future ready.