Bangalore Semiconductor Services: Developing Cutting - Edge Technology in Semiconductor Synthesis

Ravi,Co - Founder


Co - Founder

India has an incredibly prompt growing Electronics System Design Manufacturing (ESDM) industry with a solid design base with more than 120 units. Nearly 2,000 chips are being designed every year and according to IESA, the Indian ESDM market will grow from $76 billion in 2013 to $400 billion by 2020. Aiming to leverage this striking opportunity, J Saseendra (CEO) and Ravi co-founded Bangalore Semiconductor Services (BSS)as a semiconductor design & intellectual property design services company, which is at the forefront of innovation that comprehends the nuances in the emerging technologies to leverage on the trends.BSS services expand to cutting edge technologies in 10nm, 7nm nodes in wireless, servers, IOT, and IP domains.

The Tetrad Proposition
Developing cutting edge technology capable of offering lifecycle value enhancements, BSS creates an ecosystem that enables value added customization. Continuously investing in R&D to extend knowledge for further innovation, the company’s tetrad proposition converges to VLSI Design (offer IC design services from RTL to GDS including design verification),and Training, with plans to expand services to Embedded and system design. Today, BSS is one of those few companies in the semiconductor engineering domain that works on high-end semiconductor
technologies in semiconductor designs and offers complete &dedicated support to the clients during all stages of the product lifecycle.“By working with us, clients can be rest assured about the quality of the final product and the deadlines. We begin to associate with our clients from the conceptual stage and continue across the life cycle till testing and production,” proclaims Saseendra.

Developing utting-edge technology capable of offering lifecycle value enhancements, BSS creates an eco-system that enables value added customization

Ranging from Physical design &verification to Power signal Integration & Design automation, the VLSI practice is offered through highly trained experts in this field and work with clients in developing ASIC/ASSP from concept till production (GDSII). Apart from as similating clienteles' requirements, the company also ensures freehand for customization during the process, in order to accommodate on-the-go changes and make sure the final design is to their utmost satisfaction.

The continuous need for innovation and increasing product intricacy are driving companies to embrace embedded software systems more frequently than ever. BSS offers turn key
embedded software development projects for various integration systems with verified proficiency of technical & business issues in software-hardware interfacing combined with latest tools helps in developing exceptional outputs. Be it a new product development or servicing an existing product, or be it firmware development or silicon post validation, the engineers deliver high quality services within budgets and timelines.

Designing high quality systems require the expertise of highly experienced people in this field. BSS offers its clients consultancy services in system design including the Information Model, Community Model, Security/Permission Model, System Integration, Workflow, and Technical Architecture. The experts work closely with clients at each stage in developing flawless and high quality end products ranging from ASIC design prototyping, Bring-up & validation to Product enhancements, firmware up-gradation and add-on features.

BSS also helps engineers get armed for the future through its training modules that aims to provide the right platform for the up-and-coming engineers and springboard them into the flourishing line of business. The training modules (VLSI design, verification, and real time embedded system development) offer a 360° knowledge base and definitive hands-on know-how on various in-house projects.

The Broadway Ahead
Working on getting ODC to the company in order to expand in-house services and projects in IOT and automobile for faster and effective communication, BSS has reached Rs.6 crore revenue in just six months. “Our roadmap is to procure 100 employees by end of this year and reach Rs.20 crore on the revenue charts,” concludes Saseendra.