Azmarq Technovation: Cutting-Edge Solutions Curated With Creativity To Help Businesses Turbocharge Their Business Communications

Mohammad Imteyaz Ansari,  Co-Founder & CEO

Mohammad Imteyaz Ansari

Co-Founder & CEO

One of the core pillars, driving the CPaaS market is the competitive and creative force that APIs represent. As innovations in APIs continue to evolve, the promise of sophisticated voice, easy messaging, and rich media grows. CPaaS eliminates the need to build real-time communication software stacks and instead allows businesses to use a plug-and-play cloud service for faster upgrades without sacrificing usability and security. These solutions meet enterprise-level security standards and are simple to integrate into a business’s current communication systems.

Headquartered in Delhi, Azmarq Technovation has been leveraging and innovating with the growth in this market and helps businesses with an award-winning dashboard and proven platform to manage their communications under one roof. “We are a passionate group of individuals with a deep understanding of technology and communication. We help you in all the stages of the realization of your digital products and goals. We make you future ready aligned with Industry Standards & Trends, we deliver highly focused solutions for resolving your challenges and world class capabilities to every client leveraging leading technologies and industry best practices”, says Mohammad Imteyaz Ansari, Co-Founder & CEO & Azmarq Technovation.

A Range of Dynamic Products & Services
Azmarq’s flagship solutions cater to SMS Engagement, Voice Engagement, and Whatsapp Business. “As a leading consolidated platform, we believe in building hassle-free, convenient connections, and extending the reach of communication through affordable services.
We stand for communication that enables your growth by providing robust and scalable infrastructure, secure and data protection compliant environment, multiple network connectivity for multiple bearers, Intelligent routing, and much more”, says Imteyaz.

Azmarq specializes in developing dynamic products and services for its clients, helping them breed brand loyalty to grow their business even in saturated marketplaces. Its 400+ strong clientele is a testimony to its expertise in enhancing business customer connectivity and communication solutions. Till date, Azmarq has successfully delivered its services to companies in various industries including banking, e-Commerce, Insurance, Retail, Media, and Brands.

Azmarq’s flagship solutions cater to SMS Engagement, Voice Engagement, & Whatsapp Business

Through Azmarq’s flagship services, businesses can send time critical reminders and notifications, provide timely notifications about pending appointments, arrivals, and more so customers stay engaged, and helps in reducing missed appointments, delivery attempts, and support costs with automated notifications. Further, the solutions allow a customer to confirm or reschedule an appointment or delivery from a text message - via SMS, MMS, or voice and offer enhanced multimedia features to create those ‘wow’ moments that strengthen customer relationships.

Besides, Azmarq also offers a 2-Way Messaging System that incorporates both sending and receiving messages through a cloudbased platform in a short timeframe.

“It gives you complete flexibility in managing incoming messages and provides an instant platform to run your campaigns successfully”, says Imteyaz. Further, with the company’s WhatsApp Business API, enterprises can create engaging customer experiences and steer a two-way conversation to their advantage in minutes. Azmarq’s Voice Solutions helps businesses programmatically make, receive, and track clear-sounding, drop-resistant calls with its scalable carrier network in the cloud.

Delivering Happiness
Since the foundation of the company, Azmarq has successfully delivered its services to industry giants such as Audi, ITC, HCL, Samsung, and many more. One of its clients while appreciating the services said, “One Stop solution for messaging services. Always available to support us. Very happy to have had Azmarq as the vendor for the last 3 years. A very dedicated and motivated team, always ready for new developments and customizations as per our requirement.”

In the future too, Azmarq hopes to continually power messages that encourage millions of users to take the next step, every day.