Ayras Logistics: Full Service 3PL Cold Storage Provider for all Customized Requirements

    Rajnish Parti,     DirectorCold chains are one of the most important aspects of the healthcare supply chain because they allow the pharmaceutical industry to maintain a constant stock of medications from both suppliers and distributors. Cold storage for pharmaceutical companies necessitates high-tech equipment capable of meeting the needs of various drugs. Manufacturing drugs have evolved in recent years to include higher value components and stringent storage temperature requirements. As a result, there is a greater need for temperature monitoring and control throughout the supply chain.

Ayras Logistics Private Limited is a global provider of licensed customs house agents (CHA) with a complete 3PL solution that comprises logistics, warehousing (general and customs bonded), and temperature-controlled cold storage (general and customs bonded). Ayras Logistics operates a network of advanced cold storage facilities to successfully service clients, employing intelligent technologies and its supply chain expertise. “Our facilities are designed for temperature-controlled shipments that require active controlling & monitoring. We lay our supreme legacy and expertise in the Pharmaceutical & Drugs Industry,” emphasizes Rajnish Parti, Director.

Ayras provides a comprehensive range of cold storage solutions to the clients which include 3PL, RFID Technology - Barcode Scanners, Pickup & Drop, Re-Packing,
Labeling, Temperature Controlled Solutions, Monitoring & Validation Services. Cold storage temperature degrees: 2 to 8 degrees, and 20 degrees celsius. Complete electricity backup solutions, IoT Implementation, End to End Cold Chain, Total Supportive Infrastructure: 24*7 CCTV Surveillance & Power Backups, Right warehouse equipment & Technology, Material Handling Equipment, Data Automation, First Aids, Fire safety, Emergency Exits and more.

Ayras has established its supreme legacy and expertise in the Pharmaceutical & Drugs Industry

Ayras is committed to its work and all stakeholders. Since consistency and excellence are never compromised upon at Ayras Logistics, customers always receive expert services that are ethical and responsible. In fact, the company's name embodies its fundamental values: A – Accountability, Y –Youthful, R – Respect, A – Accessibility, and S – Self-Made. With an integrated chain of people, technology, and physical assets, the firm works to deliver consistency with excellence and expertise. The efficiency and competency of the firm can be depicted through some of its success stories which include Over 97% sameday delivery of cold storage shipments during COVID, and 100% sameday delivery of testing kits during COVID. What other logistics companies couldn't do, Ayras Logistics did in record time, value, and efficiency. All in all, Ayras goes an extra mile to meet its clients' expectations. Further, in 2004 when Ayras Logistics couldn't find the right people, the director used to file documents (EDI) and drive the heavy vehicles personally to transport supplies to Ayras' clients, demonstrating the commitment towards meeting the clients' specifications.

Journey of Excellence
Ayras Logistics was founded in 1992 by Rajnish Parti and Sunita Parti, who have successfully spearheaded the organization towards excellence owing to their focused, visionary, and quick decision making mindset. Ayras’ 30 years of experience and continued growth are imbued with innovation, trust, and the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit. And as the firm proceeds ahead, Ayras is anticipated to be the only 3PL provider in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, boosting the supply chain ecosystem through skilled people, cutting-edge technology, and long-term sustainability. Ayras Logistics will soon be leading the way in the provision of freight forwarding services. “Our mission is to provide secure, hassle-free, and timely services to clients from various sectors under one roof by leveraging our expertise, knowledge, and technology,” concludes Ayera Parti, Business Developer.