Autograde: Delivering Unmatched Vehicle Safety Solutions via Automotive GPS Electronics

Mohammed Shoaib,  Director,Mohammed Ashraf,  MD

Mohammed Shoaib, Director

Mohammed Ashraf, MD

A late night call regarding athe ft of his vehicle made Karthik anxious. However, his nightmare turned into a relief because of Auto grade’s TANK, a tamper-proof GPS device he had installed in his lorry, enabling him to turn off the lorry’s engine remotely. Had there been no tracking system installed, the recovery could have been a complex process with no assurance. With keen emphasis on providing unmatched quality road safety solutions, Autograde is taking big strides to become a major player in the Automobile Industry in India.A firm believer of the Make in India program, Mohammed Shoaib, Director, Autograde, asserts, “Innovation and creativity go hand-in-hand to achieve inventive road safety solutions. We aim to become the automobile hub where you can reach out for products that can keep you safer on roads”.

Better Control over Entire Operation
Specializing in automotive electronics with a focus on vehicle safety, the company’s Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) combines the vehicle’s automatic vehicle location with software & collects this data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle’s location. It saves cost (identifying vehicle misuse, checking fuel theft and
and identifying the fastest routes), mitigates risk (tracking vehicle theft, expediting vehicle recovery and preventing unauthorized use of vehicles), reduces the risk of accidents (managing over-speeding) and saves time (tracking driver’s time and continuously recording vehicle activities). Autograde’s route history & real-time tracking facilities notify the owner of a driver’s callous behavior,while its Geo-fencing and Tilt & Impact Sensing send alerts in case of route deviation, over-speeding or an accident.

Available in Lite & Pro versions for tracking school buses, personal vehicles & commercial fleet, Autograde’s TANK provides visual proof when coaching and behavioral changes are needed among drivers

Available in Lite & Pro versions for tracking school buses, personal vehicles & commercial fleet, Autograde’s TANK provides visual proof when coaching and behavioral changes are needed among drivers. Further more, it investigates incidents, spot habits & trends and compare the driver's productivity and performance. Its GPS technology helps improve work productivity and increase customer satisfaction while delivering significant savings on labor, fuel and other expenses.

Another one of Autograde’s superior products is its Road Speed Governor, which empowers drivers to have superior control over the vehicle. Road Speed
Governor (RSG) automatically limits the vehicle speed, drastically reducing fuel consumption & fatalities on road. As made mandatory by Supreme Court, this device controls the fuel feed to the engine, scale down meaningless use of brakes, less vibration, less engine strain, less wear and tear, hence providing an optimum performance that eventually reduces air pollution.

Committed to Continual Innovation
Investing significantly in research and development, Autograde’s primary focus is to maintan top-notch quality. Every product of Autograde undergoes intense quality tests. Being ISO/TS-16949, ICAT & ARAI certified, Autograde caters to Ranchi Municipal Corporation, Al-futt aim and Corona Bus among others. For Speed Governors, it provides fitment and renewal certificates online with a service resolution mechanism to connect with its clients better. It provides 24x7 service support with world-class responsive customer support and is also developing a convenient smart app that will connect every aspect of its service.

Autograde intends to pioneer a chain of standardized garages for providing reliable, quality & cost-effective customer service using high-tech tools. Multiple other products like Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Steering Mounted Control, Vehicle Speed Recorders, Autolite and Mood Light, are in various stages of development. With sales & support presence in over 25 countries (offices in Cochin, Bangalore & Dubai) & an aggressive growth of 50 percent, month-on-month, it also looks to grow its pan-India presence from about 600 dealers to over 1000 dealers, in this financial year.