AUM Airconditioning: One-Stop HVAC Solution Provider for Commercial and Residential Purpose

PK Mahindra, Managing Director

PK Mahindra

Managing Director

Survey on Indian HVAC market by P&S intelligence hints that the HVAC market will reach $5.9 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 7 percent in 2014-24 by keeping the focus on primary and secondary sales. The present market scenario also illustrates that the HVAC industry is selling over 7 million windows and split air conditioners. In addition, there is a growing demand for ceiling mounted, hideaway ductable units, variable refrigerant volume (VRV/VRF) and chilled water-based air conditioning plants for commercial applications. However, despite ever-growing demand for airconditioning, there is hardly any large scale professionally managed company for providing quality installation and maintenance services to the customers. With the objective to bridge this gap between customers’ HVAC installation/services requirement by professionally trained manpower, PK Mahindra started the journey of AUM Airconditioning in September 2012.

Providing Top-Notch Services

Headquartered in New Delhi, AUM Airconditioning offers new installations with custom made designs that are exceedingly resilient. Our work starts with designing, supply and installation of an air conditioning system with the latest environmentally friendly, high energy efficient products to suit clients’ taste. We also provide solutions for air purification. We follow best installation practices to minimize the customer’s carbon footprint,” says PK Mahindra, Managing Director, AUM Airconditioning. The services they provide also include modification of existing installations to improve efficiency and to prevent frequent breakdowns. “We evaluate the system and work on necessary modifications as it is not possible to
reinstall the HVAC system in furnished premises or operational offices.”

It is the industry practice to subcontract all site-related installation jobs, such as piping, ducting, etc. The subcontractors are paid on quantity basis and there is no incentive on the quality of work which is the reason why after some time customers’ complain about poor cooling, non-uniform cooling, water leakage, foul smell and sometimes system failure. At our sites, all jobs are done by employees of AUM Airconditioning under expert supervision. We use the latest equipment, tools,and gauges like high accuracy vacuum pumps, gauges, electronic weighing scale for refrigerant charging and high-pressure pumps for cleaning of the heat exchanger to provide customers with efficient service.

AUM Airconditioning teams work relentlessly on all seven days, 9-to-9, and attend complaints within 4 hours of receiving them. PK Mahindra further adds, “We have been providing regular services to over 200 clients in all spectrums of applications. Some of our prominent clients are Shroff Eye Centre, Apollo Cradle, Mother Dairy, Toyota Material Handling, State Bank of India, Power Grid Corporation, etc. Our teams work at client’s premises or as per client’s convenience. We are also providing services during night hours for special cases like hospitals and restaurants.” Being a reputed and successful HVAC installation and service provider, AUM Airconditioning gives welfare benefits like EPF and ESIC, caters schemes for accident insurances (GPA) of INR 10 lakh to INR 20 lakh for each employee. We believe in organic growth and pay for training and employee skill enhancement programs from manufacturers like Daikin. Rewarding career development for employees is the main reason for low attrition rate.

AUM Airconditioning teams work relentlessly on all seven days, 9-to-9, and attend complaints within 4 hours of receiving them

Future Roadmap

Staying abreast with the environment-friendly initiatives all around the world, AUM Airconditioning recommends the installation of the latest models of air conditioning equipment which are high in energy efficiency, use environment-friendly refrigerants and are more reliable. “Only because of the work culture, modern installation and servicing practices, our revenues for FY 2019 went up to INR 32.5 million out of which product sales has generated INR 18.5 million and services generated INR 13.5 million. The revenue we generated from services is around 40 percent. It is easier to have a quantum jump in total revenue by focusing on sales but we are conscious of our objective to generate at least 40 percent revenue from services. We are striving to continue to grow at 25 percent for the next 5 years,” says a proud owner, PK Mahindra.