Auctave Automation: Augmenting Home Automation With Artificial Intelligence

Rishit Shah & Vanshika Chanderiya,DirectorsSustainable energy use, automated home maintenance and appliance monitoring has enhanced the demand for home automation services. Indian home automation market is growing at a CAGR of more than 25 percent. However, the greatest hindrance faced by customers is the need to streamline the home automation service. The non-smart devices do not come under the automation system, making it a burden for the users. On the other hand, although remote monitoring of the appliances are provided as service, the level of real time visibility of the home appliances is low, leading to wastage of energy.

The state-of-the-art solution is a retrofit plug-in module, which Auctave Automation, a Pune (Maharashtra) based company has come up with. It stresses on procuring services that ensure energy sustainability through AI monitoring and smart notifications for homes, which is their USP. Auctave has introduced an end-to-end AI solution in their system that allows the user to operate the regular existing home appliances of the house even if they are not smart appliances. AI is used to conduct behavioral analysis of user interaction with appliances. The mobile application is integrated with a unique feature of smart notifications system that guides you

to effectively manage and secure your home. The company is developing innovative home security and energy sustainability solutions to make regular homes smart in a hassle-free manner.

Energy Conservation
The product characteristic that helps Auctave stand-out in the market place is its ability to send smart notifications based on the user-appliance behaviour analysis. Directors Vanshika Chanderiya & Rishit Shah explain, “When you’re in the office from 9 am to 5 pm, the appliances remain off and the central retrofit system knows that you are not home during this time. So if you've forgotten to switch off the geyser or the light, it'll notify you and will ask whether you want to switch it off. It will notify you when there are activities different from your regular schedule, for which the user can choose to take the appropriate action. The system also guides you for effective home management”. Hence, the user is able to remotely control the home appliances. Auctave’s systems save about 20 percent more energy and the users have reported exemplary reduction on their electricity use.

We are offering a retrofit plug-in module that can make any switchboard smart

The company is planning to offer services in three different segments, home security, home automation and monitoring. It has invested in innovation and will be offering a system that operates independently even if the Wi-Fi is down. As Vanshika says, “Adding to this, we are offering a retrofit plug-in module that can make any switchboard smart. We have a central control module through which all the algorithms and the data are managed. This helps in live updates, monitoring and ensures the best level of security for your home and also helps you keep a check on your loved ones anytime from anywhere”.

Future goals
Auctave is currently working on developing potential home automation solutions at minimal cost. The company is also trying to develop a solution that can help in monitoring the well-being of the home residents. Rishit talks about the company’s plans for the future, “We are planning to scale our business globally and we plan to offer the best innovative technology along with best customer service for the best experience. At present, we are planning to expand pan-India and also looking forward to creating a lot of job opportunities for the youth. In the later phase we also plan to open offices in different locations in India.”