Arete Telcom Solutions: Redefining CPaaS Industry with Cutting-Edge yet Secure Innovations

Shweta Pandey,  Director

Shweta Pandey


I n a pursuit to meet the ever rising customer demands for an enriched communication experience, Communication Platform as a Service(CPaaS) has become a talisman for businesses globally. On the other hand, the development has also led to a mind boggling rise in CPaaS service providers. However, many vendors fail to provide a well-established yet secure, scalable, and high quality stack of communication. Sensing the dire need to enable a perfect amalgam of these core components, two technology enthusiasts Nilendra Kumar Bharti and Shweta Pandey founded Arete Telcom Solutions, which has been instrumental in helping businesses streamline their communication within a secure framework since 2015.

“Arete has a fully developed CPaaS framework, compliant with the standards of 3GPP, IETF, ITU-T,and GSMA, which ensures high availability, scalability, and profound security at each layer. Arete’s 6th position in the world’s list of Hosted cloud Solution Providers also shows its commitment to technological updates”, explains Nilendra. Powered by his expertise in deploying standards and the latest technologies like IP and GSM, Arete’s CPaaS core system and interoperability testing model bagged accreditation in January 2021 by the technology group of the GSMA, a prestigious telecom governing body.

With innovation and technology at its heart, Arete is highly known for its end-to-end platform named Areteai. The platform is
dedicated to connecting users, enterprises, operators, and machines to its CPaaS services through its comprehensive IMS, RCS, RBM, MaaP, Bo Builder Framework, and multimedia conferencing solutions. Facilitating a quick and value driven market for users the brand conducts intercommunication through access networks such as 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, wired, fixed, and LoPWAN. By monitoring the health of all registered network notes, Areteai aids sustainable performance and operations by alleviating trivial issues as well as potential risks. In addition, Arete’s Integrated Network Intelligence (INI) technology simulates a human intervention to detect and alert the Operators/ Enterprise about possible issues.

With innovation & technology at its heart, Arete is highly known for its end-to-end platform named Areteai

Areteai supports multiple infrastructures, business models, and technological advancements, which has in turn strengthened the company’s bond with partners and clients. Its conventional products in a new avatar are backed by SDN, CDN, sensors, virtualization, cloud computing, and machine learning. Driven by agility, Areteai offers right fit solutions to enterprises or operators, including MVNOs, regardless of currency, language, and time zone. The brand strives to make cutting-edge technologies accessible to the public and is lauded for pushing the boundaries of innovation across its 2500+ users and customers, including B2B and others with strict NDAs. One such success story is the core network deployment of IMS and RCS as Network-in-a-Box for defense establishment in 2019.

Although the pandemic initially affected Arete’s overall growth, its unique business proposition propelled the company to rise steadily. The development is also steered by their recent partnerships with the market leaders like Comviva, L&T, TCS, Parallel Wireless, and more. Talking about how GSMA accreditation acts as an added advantage, Nilendra foretells, “People at GSMA are so intelligent. Inspecting the test cases package-wise, they employ rigorous strategies to verify each byte of the data and analyze all the hundreds of test cases that come to them. Our technology surely has the power if we have been accredited under such scrutiny. So the sky will be ours”. Envisaging to create a positive change in human life through continuous improvement, Chennai-based Arete is planning to expand its portfolio to focus more on the 5G realm and its components like Voice-over-NewRadio (VoNR), IMS integration, and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for NSA/SA 5G. Arete currently serves the markets of mobility networks, telephony, public safety networks, and NBIoT, and wishes to cover more operators’ realms soon.