Apptino Software: Unfolding an Essential Platform for B2B ecommerce

Sudhakar Varatharajan,Founder
In the contemporary era of digitalization, companies not investing in digital channels undeniably fall behind the competition and lose customers. Having said, today's business landscape demands companies to grow digital commerce platforms that could channelize voluminous products to distributors and analyze the market demand with a clear visibility over the customer. By offering a B2B ecommerce plat-form for companies to better connect with the requirements of the customers, Apptino Software based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu was started by the duo Sudhakar Varatharajan and Gnanavel Sivasami in 2017. The company offers a SaaS model platform that avails manufacturers and distributors of various segments to do business with ease.

Sudhakar and Gnanavel were working in the corporate world across the geographies of Middle East, India, U.S, and Germany for more than 20 years before investing time and energy for Apptino Software. Apptino offers a SaaS B2B ecommerce platform, ApptinoCommerce for companies from manufacturing and wholesale distribution. It works both as a customer portal and dealer portal, or even a proper ecommerce strategy for the business. Being hosted on AWS cloud, the platform named ApptinoCommerce
ensures security coupled with the choice to set up own B2B ecommerce and multivendor platforms for businesses. This avails manufacturers or wholesalers to get primary & secondary sales visibility. ApptinoCommerce enables companies to provide consumer-like ecommerce experience, quotation & order management, advanced product search and other powerful B2B features like customer-specific pricing and check account receivable information in a single platform. "ApptinoCommerce provides flexibility to create special price quote with internal approval workflow. The quote-to-order process is completely automated in the platform, embedded with tracking of the order that guide through the changes for quick understanding", explains Sudhakar Varatharajan, Founder, Apptino Software. ApptinoCommerce allows footprint expansion so to get the real-time data analytics in the platform.

ApptinoCommerce is the new digital sales channel to grow revenue for your online business

Mostly, customers are not able to perform cross selling of their own product. When voluminous products are left in their basket, many distributors may not know the quantity. The marketing team can provide a singular communication to the distributors, sales and retailers by issuing high rich content through the ecommerce platform. Business of any size selling their products through a distribution network can benefit from the application by growing revenue, reaching more customers, and taking data-driven decisions. This will help in creating star sales teams for the company. One of the clients Apptino has been serving for a long time now, is a German multinational company that provides electrical manufacturing products in the Indian market. The MNC was looking for a simple order management solution when Apptino pegged in with its platform. The German company was adapting to cloud for the first time, and Apptino managed to prove the security aspects, structure of the product, and how implementation is done. The company gained a lucrative solution having 100s of dealers using their product within 4 weeks.

Sudhakar contemplates that price recommendation will become a game changer to increase the cross selling as well as increase profitability. He envisages integrating AI capabilities in the B2B product. "Every company has only a very few star sales teams and our idea is to transform their sales teams with AI driven sales in-sights & analytics. We can digitally transform our customers and bring them a great success", adds Sudhakar Varatharajan.