Angular Minds: Ensuring Highly Secure Cloud Migration and Management

Sagar Mahajan,Director.

Sagar Mahajan


The cloud market is believed to be experiencing an exponential growth as large-scale businesses and SMBs turn away from legacy services to implementing cloud-based IT services within the organization. This escalation in the cloud adoption trajectory is attributed to the direct consequence of organizations in India wanting to improve productivity and performance to meet their long-term business goals. This massive transition to the cloud could prove to be one of the biggest disruptive forces ever.

Yet, in the vast Indian market, there is a multitude of businesses that refrain from adopting cloud technologies taking into account the lack of data protection,the need to enhance network performance and the shortage of technically skilled personnel, which is currently perceived as three of the most pertinent threats. The cloud solutions providers must ensure the data is safe and requires constant maintenance of the systems once on the cloud.
Angular Minds, hailing from Pune, comes to the fore with its secure and scalable AWS cloud services offering coupled with a highly adept team of certified AWS cloud solution architects and Devops who map out an organization’s entire AWS cloud journey right from assessment to disaster and backup recovery. “We assist businesses to achieve their goals with customers ranging from start-ups to enterprises,” affirms Sagar Mahajan, Director, Angular Minds.

Following a strategic approach, the team begins its assessment by outlining every client’s existing enterprise IT landscape and maps it to the desired cloud requirements

Following a strategic approach, the team begins its assessment by outlining every client’s existing enterprise IT landscape and maps it to the desired cloud requirements.“Everyone has their own ecosystem; everyone has a different product structure, infrastructure and their technology stack. As we are having 50+ expert developers in-house for Software/Cloud development, we are able to provide efficient Cloud solutions” reveals Sagar. The architects proceed to design the public cloud infrastructure in
tandem with platform scalability, IT
virtualization for flexibility and cost reduction. Post this, the data center or applications are then rapidly and seamlessly migrated onto the cloud ensuring there is no impact on the live deployment. The company assures complete AWS Cloud Support for the entire product lifecycle with disaster recovery and data redundancy.

Angular Minds holds expertise in a spectrum of AWS cloud services. "Here at Angular Minds we provide unique, customized and customer-centric services and solutions in every part of AWS cloud services continuum enabling companies to adopt the cloud which is perfect for their business needs. We offer highly secure and on-demand solutions from AWS cloud deployment services." informs Sagar. He further adds that the company has the highest success rate for the performance, security and load balance with their AWS cloud solution offering.

Angular Minds, incepted in 2011, has fully equipped themselves with their in-depth expertise to ride the growth wave and emerge as one of the leading cloud solution providers in Asia. Their focus is on their Services that automates enterprise IT operations. It has also grown tremendously in terms of their customer base from 50 to 200+. Its Cloud services offerings, technology experience, and delivery capabilities have delivered successful and seamless integration experience to customers.