Amnex Infotechnologies: Pushing Further the Vital Agritech Revolution in India & Beyond

 Mihir Dakwala,  Head - Agriculture Business Unit

Mihir Dakwala

Head - Agriculture Business Unit

Technology is revolutionizing every industry. Why should agriculture be an exception? Despite India being an agrarian economy, the agriculture sector is still complacent about embracing technology. Indian farmers are under immense pressure to increase crop yield per acre to cater to constantly growing demand. On the other hand, most farmers still adhere to traditional farming practices, leaving themselves at the mercy of nature. Technology can play a pivotal role in bringing a paradigm shift to this scenario.

With a range of robust Agritech products, a future first technology company Amnex Infotechnologies is redefining farming practices in India. The company's tech solutions have been implemented in several Indian states and abroad, including Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. In addition, the company has also implemented solutions based on precision farming in Guatemala and Queensland, Australia.

Amnex's solutions are designed leveraging cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and image processing based on satellite/drone images, IoT, precision agriculture and LiDAR. These technologies are used to generate, derive and analyze critical data such as historical crop information, high resolution satellite images, weather data, soil health & irrigation data to provide a realtime picture of agriculture. The data encompasses the stakeholders of entire agriculture ecosystem.

Mihir Dakwala, Head of Agriculture Business Unit at Amnex Info technologies, explains, "We have developed products for crop identification, mapping, surveillance, soil moisture monitoring, irrigation scheduling, crop yield & production estimation to ensure that stakeholders make informed decisions. Amnex's software platform Agrogate can
generate insights for more than 8 million geo tagged parcels on a near realtime basis throughout the crop lifecycle. So far, the platform has processed more than 300 TB of Data, including satellite/drone images, to generate crop maps for eight states. Over 100 reports concerning crop health and yield prediction at Gram Panchayat(GP) level are curated to date. The unified farmer centric digital agri platform creates a farmer and field database at the state level.The platform is scalable and customizable as per the respective stakeholder's needs and can also be integrated with various government schemes".

Amnex's solutions also help to map any kind of mid-season adversities and probable crop loss on damage occurred through this event. Furthermore, by seamlessly passing crucial information to the agriculture department, they help government make informed decisions and formulate impactful policies.

Croptrack, a farmer friendly mobile application supports and is available in English as well as regional/local languages, making farm management easy, accurate and hassle-free. It empowers farmers to monitor crop growth and optimize the usage of different resources for maximum yield. We have embedded the latest AI techniques that help farmers make correct decisions.

Mihir Dakwala adds, "Realizing farmer's requirements for timely finance, Amnex has also designed a software platform Agrogate finance that facilitate information exchange between stake holders like farmers, governments, banks and insurance companies. It has helped thousands of farmers get their crop insurance amount and loans during difficult times".

What sets Amnex apart from its competitors is its blockchain based digital agriculture solutions, catering to all the stakeholders of the agriculture ecosystem farmers, government, Agri input companies, and traders dealing with Agri produce. Moreover, these world class solutions can be easily scaled up to cater to varied requirements. In addition, Amnex has the experience of large scale successful project implementations, which gives it an edge over others.

Amnex's suite of technology products can be a one-stop digital solution for the agriculture ecosystem. Due to its innovative stance toward technology and problem-solving, Amnex had secured 22nd position in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 India in 2019. The company has also delivered breakthrough technology solutions in mobility, dairy, mining, smart city, resource and logistics domains in its 14 years of journey. Its team members and partners continue to hold fast to the company's core values and work tirelessly to unleash a new, fearless decade of growth.

Amnex has won many prestigious awards for its agritech solutions, such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Award Vibrant Gujarat Technology Award, Digital India Award, BW Digital India Awards, SKOCH Governance Award and Zee Business National CSR Leadership Congress & Awards.

With perpetual R&D, Amnex is looking forward to developing more such robust and scalable products to drive change in the agriculture domain.