Airtech Broadband: A Leading Broadband and IT Service Provider Offering Cutting Edge Technology

  Ranvijay Rana,    Managing Director & CEO

Ranvijay Rana

Managing Director & CEO

The broadband industry is perhaps an industry that saw the maximum push with the arrival of covid. As lockdowns ensued, companies were forced to adopt a work-from-home model, leading every employee to require better internet connectivity at all times. Homes that previously did not find the need for full-time WiFi connections were now getting these systems installed to conduct business. Needless to say, Covid was one of the leading drivers bringing broadband connections throughout Rural and Urban India. As our advancement into the digital era progresses, broadband and WiFi have become the soul of our world.

People constantly require high-quality connectivity. With this increase in demand for services, the need for enough supply and proper infrastructure has also increased. Airtech Broadband is one such Internet Service Provider which is catering to this ever-increasing demand for connectivity through the internet. Providing highly secure FTTH (Fiber To The Home) and wireless broadband services with 24*7 stable connectivity to the rural as well as urban areas of Bihar.

Beyond providing unmatched quality of connectivity, Airtech Broadband is vesting its focus on ensuring client satisfaction more than merely increasing the number of subscriptions. They firmly believe that sustainable growth can only result from long-term relationships with all clients, which
would only be possible if the services provided were high in quality. Their services extend beyond the provision of a stable internet connection, and Airtech Broadband prides themselves on providing unwavering and quick customer support.

“There are lots of companies providing Internet connectivity in this market. Typically as we know, all companies are trying to increase their customer base in any way possible. At Airtech, our priority is to increase customer support to a high level. Our company is totally focused on customer support and customer satisfaction. Airtech is known for their lowest fault rate and lowest resolution time. Our customers can reach us through a simple phone call or email, and we provide quick real time resolutions either over the call or by sending an expert technician on site to resolve the issue fast”, says Ranvijay Rana, Managing Director & CEO, Airtech Broadband.

Airtech Broadband is vesting its focus on ensuring client satisfaction more than merely increasing the number of subscriptions

As a licensed internet services provider, Airtech Broadband is certified by the Department of Telecommunications and thus provides services in strict compliance with the department’s rules and regulations. Airtech’s young and dynamic team of experts stays on top of the latest technological advancements in ISP services and includes them in its own services. In keeping with the various mandated rules and regulations, the company runs background and profile checks for every potential client, allowing them to understand the needs of all clients and provide customized solutions. The customized solutions, in addition to specially designed services for corporate clients, help Airtech stay ahead of its competitors. “Airtech gives symmetric, unshared, lowest fault rate, protected leased line to his corporate clients with dedicated customer support”, adds Ranvijay Rana.

Currently providing its FTTH and wireless broadband services in the urban as well as rural districts of Bihar, Airtech Broadband hopes to establish a Pan-India presence soon. With strong core values of customer support and satisfaction driving the company to design and develop result-oriented solutions continually, the vibrant, dynamic, and young team at Airtech is sure to achieve all its goals and more. "Airtech provides secure and protected internet connectivity to his all clients".