AirMiracle: Offering Best in Class HVAC Cleanroom Solutions

Sanjeev Desai,,Founder & MD

Sanjeev Desai,

Founder & MD

Although the idea of a cleanroom may seem as a derivation from science fiction, clean and controlled environments are actually used by a wide range of industries. From their more obvious uses in medical facilities to their necessity in integrated circuit manufacture, cleanrooms play an essential role in modern manufacturing and research processes. The importance of a cleanroom design indicates the careful consideration of its desired use, permissible particle concentration, location, manufacturing process and of course, cost according to the demands of each project. While the global cleanroom technology market is expected to reach $4.86 billion by 2025, many Indian manufacturing companies are still striving to balance the need for quality cleanrooms with the increasing pressure of customized solutions. Sanjeev Desai understood this gap in the current manufacturing sector for quality cleanroom services and started his venture, AirMiracle, a Mumbai based company which offers higher level of expertise and calibrated control in cleanroom processing.

Founded in 1994, AirMiracle is one stop solution for HVAC clean room requirements and turnkey projects
which engages in each facet of projects that comprises of conception, designing, planning, execution and engineering of the clean rooms for electronic and pharmaceutical facilities. The commissioning of HVAC projects include HVAC high side - Chillers, AHUs, Condensing Units, Cooling Towers and HVAC low side - Ducting, Insulation, Air Distribution, Chilled Water Piping, Commissioning & Validation. The company has successfully executed HVAC and Cleanroom Projects for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Operation Theatres, IVF Laboratories, Biotech Laboratories, Food & Beverages Industry and Electrical/Electronics Manufacturing. In addition to this, the operational scope of AirMiracle is also spread across understanding the requirement of clients, developing solutions, feasibility study, master planning and designing, site visits, implementations, commissioning and validation by reputed third party.

AirMiracle is leading the market with its unparalleled proficiency in designing, sourcing, installing, commissioning of HVAC high side as well as low side

Sanjeev Desai, Founder & MD of AirMiracle says, “We have recognized and imbibed a thought within us that growth is not one time, it is continuous process and there is always scope for improving the business each day by taking small steps. At AirMiracle, our strategy is simple - 'Not a day should go by without some
improvement'. We believe in investing in people and equipments to deliver best in class project deliveries. We are constantly innovating and reviewing the progress to expand our capacities in order to deliver larger and larger size of projects. We also have upped the ante by hiring professionals who continuously strive to deliver multiple projects of different sizes to simultaneously maintain the quality of each delivery.”

Paving the Path Ahead
Today, AirMiracle is leading the market with its unparalleled proficiency in designing, sourcing, installing, commissioning of HVAC high side as well as low side. With more than two decades of experience, the firm has clocked the CAGR of 20 percent for last five years. Some of the leading clients served by AirMiracle include Liva Healthcare, Centaur Pharmaceuticals, Pepsico India Holdings, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Lupin Ltd. and many more. Throwing light on the future road map of the firm, Sanjeev Desai shares, “The journey of AirMiracle has been impressive since its inception. Equipped with advanced infrastructural facilities and more than 256 highly skilled employees (including agencies and project based consultants), today we are capable of undertaking over 10 to 15 mid to large-scale projects simultaneously. For the coming years, our mission is - to always keep up our ‘people centric approach’, and with this approach we are all set to scale up the business through pushing the engineering and designing segments and become the country’s number one turnkey Cleanroom HVAC company.”