Mastek: Engineering Successful Digital Transformations the Agile Way

John Owen,Group CEO

John Owen

Group CEO

Virtually, every corporate company is on some sort of digital transformation journey. While large organizations widely open their wallets to spend yearly around $400 billion (£258 billion) on digital & analytic business transformations, a recent global study alarms that more than 84 percent of digital transformation projects fail to meet expectations. Legacy integration, dire need for continuous innovation and dearth of talent are earmarked as major bottlenecks. The half-cooked digital avatars doing more harm than good, a lot of companies with broader portfolios and a bigger focus on non-digital legacy technologies deteriorate their position in the digital realm, since they risk cannibalizing their existing revenue streams.

Need of the hour is a comprehensive approach committed towards business outcomes. Possessing true agility in its approach, methodology and above all, mindset, Mastek comes with a panacea to all digital transformation hassles, offering a wide range of services right from helping its customers to understand their challenges to creating a roadmap and delivering state-of-the-art transformational programs projected towards business outcomes. While peers on the same fringe endure to serve the dynamic needs of digital market, back-lifted by its 35+ years of legacy in delivering complex bespoke software projects for large public and private sector organizations, Mastek excels in engineering complex digital transformation solutions which impact the lives of millions, boasting of a program delivery rate of 98.96 percent against the industry standard of 81 percent.

Having completed more than two decades of robust engagement with prestigious clients like Capita, it’s not surprising that the company has an overall customer advocacy rate of 90 percent. Proven by its average customer relationship length of five years (and growing), Mastek is genuinely an easy company to do business with. In fact, owing to its overwhelming digital run by delivering solutions on time with game changing quality, and in turn the exponential growth (up to 50 percent in the last four quarters) across UK, U.S.& India, the company has doubled its size in the past couple of years, to say nothing of its skyrocketing share price (NSE: MASTEK, BSE: 523704 with a market cap of Rs.1,319.65 crore).

Being Mastek Takes Quality
As Rome wasn’t built in a day, so wasn’t Mastek. Established in 1982, the company over the years has significantly focused on investing in high-end technologies and welding impeccable talents, 'configuring' them to meet the industry’s dynamic challenges. “This is a human capital business and we will not and cannot compromise on our people. We select from the best Universities, drive rigorous assessment processes, invest in developing hard and soft skills, drive learning opportunities through project redeployment from day one; all of which means our people stay longer, are more experienced and ultimately deliver better business outcomes,” asserts John Owen, Group CEO, Mastek.

The highly configured ecosystem of engineers who breathe agile plays
a matchless deciphering any demanding predicament, be it recovering a stalled digital transformation project, modernizing a legacy environment or creating a whole new digital application. One of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, Morrisons met with these tremendous recovering capabilities after burning a significant chunk of money on a failed Business Intelligence (BI) delivery program. Mastek’s expert architects and technology evangelists armed with the whole set of accelerators, frameworks & tools recovered the existing troubled BI programs and set them back on track, culminating in 10 minute cost saving across 500 Morrisons stores. Lend your ears to Nick Cooper, Head of Projects, Morrisons, who echoes his sentiments, “The professionalism and dedication of Mastekeers to go the extra mile is what differentiates them from other organizations”.

Possessing true agility in its approach, methodology and above all, mindset, Mastek comes with a panacea to all digital transformation hassles, offering a wide range of services

In the same passion, Mastek in the recent past has worked with several prominent clients like UK’s Home Office, which was to deploy the Immigration Platform Technologies (IPT) program to deliver flexible & digitally driven IT solutions that support the country’s visas & immigration, enforcement and border forces. John adds, “We have also replatformed the world’s largest identity & access management (IAM) platform with 1.1 million registered users for a National Health Service provider, ultimately delivering 30,000 hours of additional care”. Its BI offering (including Traditional BI, Data Virtualization, Big Data & DW Integration, and Advanced Analytics) however is just the tip of the iceberg. Branching into many other global brands as well, Mastek takes the throne in Agile Consulting (through IndigoBlue), Application Development, Assurance & Testing, Application support & maintenance, and Digital commerce (through TAISTech) with well-defined processes and quality standards.

A State-of-the-Art Backend
“We cater to the sophisticated requirements. Depending on customers’ objectives and their enterprises’ digital maturity levels, we employ a combination of cutting-edge and futuristic technologies to ensure successful digital transformation,” adjoins John. Mastek’s armory is well-equipped with futuristic technologies including, but not limited to, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, Natural Language Processing, Process Mining and Predictive Analysis, in addition to leveraging several cutting-edge cloud platforms and microservice architecture. Well, it’s a huge bet on astounding customer experience.

True to its ethos, Mastek adopts an incremental agile approach in all its maneuvers, augmenting value and understanding from successive increments. Coupled with extreme programming (XP) methods, it significantly boosts productivity, ensures quality and also accommodates dynamic customer-requirements, and thus ascertaining a far more interesting future for its products. Delving deep into Mastek’s structure unveils the well-defined processes to capture customer requirements, implement robust designs, and develop maintainable code while applying adequate review check points, test assurance, quality control &
governance. This in turn concretes
the quality of its deliverables.

Above all, through its flagship agile offering - Adapt 2.0, Mastek has also pioneered a governance framework for agile incremental delivery. The framework is designed to sit above and augment the existing agile process that’s being used to manage the day-to-day execution of the project. Having been adopted on a number of largest agile projects in the world and brought several awards home such as ‘Agile Coach of the Year (2012- 13)’&‘Best Agile Team (2016-17)’, Adapt 2.0 is proven to provide the control required to assure successful delivery in the most exacting circumstances.

In Pursuit of the Yellow Brick Road
Agile has won the race against all the traditional methods. While 'faster' becomes the word of future, Mastek knows what it exactly takes to stay ahead in a market that demands continual improvement and constant innovation. The company continues to significantly invest not only in researching new technologies by understanding the customer needs, but also in its people to build skills that fit ever growing challenges in the digital world. This also means creating a continuous learning mindset in all its 2000+ people. This enthusiasm in fact has been crucial in completing herculean projects like Morrisons automation. “We encourage the philosophy of learning anytime anywhere, and hence have launched several unique platforms like TechSense, Tekconnect and many more. It is imperative to educate Mastekeers that what is relevant today, won’t be even a word tomorrow. We believe that future belongs to the curious ones who are not afraid to try, explore, seek and learn from failures,” opines John.

Preparing itself for future, Mastek goes beyond the new training-norms like Meet-Ups, Seminars/Webinars, MOOCS, Olympiads, Hackathons and Boot Camps to include a comprehensive online tech-learning portal. Apart from technical skills, it also focuses on Mastekeers’ communication, cultural & soft skills development through channels including 1-on-1 learning, web based sessions, and classrooms. “Trust & Transparency are our basic foundations. We feel, behave and operate as a Mastek family. As in any other family, Mastekeers’ understand that trust is earned, built and nurtured through our daily actions and doesn’t just happen,” adds John. Being highly successful in transferring this trust factor to its clients, Mastek today looks forward to a sterling future while expanding its footprints.

Key Management:
John Owen, Group CEO
Possessing over two decades of sales and marketing experience, John leads the growth strategy at Mastek. He has held senior leadership roles in global blue-chips such as HP, Nortel and Serco, as well as successful start-ups such as Sycamore Networks.

Abhishek Singh, Group CFO
Abhishek has close to two decades of experience in Info Tech, Healthcare, Financial Services and BPM industry in India and US

Offices: India (six centers including the headquarters in Mumbai), UK (three centers)& U.S.(two centers)

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• Business intelligence
• Application development
• Digital commerce
• Application support & maintenance
• Assurance and testing