AdwebTech: Need Based Basic & Advanced Cyber Security Solutions

Apurva Mody,CEO & Co-Founder

Apurva Mody

CEO & Co-Founder

Irrespective of the industry or scale, digitization of business has become the order of the day. Along with the growth of the digital economy, we have also experienced an increase in the vulnerability of organizations towards cyber threats. Consequently, investment in cyber defense has become a priority for the MSME segment which suddenly has no choice but to embrace the change. Coming to the rescue of numerous organizations struggling to ensure the safety of their cyberspace is AdwebTech, a Mumbai based cyber security services provider.

Founded in 2000, AdwebTech is one of the largest network security providers and implementer in the Indian PKI space. Comprising of a multi-faceted team of skilled techno commercial experts, the firm adheres to best practices in cyber security. Having started out when IT and cyber security were in a nascent stage, as a single solution company with a small revenue, this ambitious firm has today transformed into a provider of multiple cyber security offerings.

Deep Perception of Cyber Security
AdwebTech believes that an organization's IT infrastructure & applications are akin to the core of an onion and the security layers needed around it like the peels or rings
protecting it. The larger the organization and more the number of its strategic applications the increased number of security rings or layers required to protect it. "With almost all the IT infrastructure and applications getting connected to the internet directly or in-directly, cybersecurity plays a crucial role in ensuring frontline defense," explains Apurva Mody, CEO & Founder, AdwebTech. The firm endeavors to address the priority cyber security layers, focusing on baseline security and moving inwards towards the core, all the way till the security operations center, with the means of various technologies and protocols.

Umbrella of Solutions
AdwebTech's objective is to render need based basic or advanced cyber security solutions that strengthen the overall cyber security position of its clients. The firm's journey began with a focus on PKI and SSL; subsequently it added two-factor authentication & risk-based authentication, zero trust secure access, DNS & IP address security and management, comprehensive mobile application security, secure managed file transfer, API security and attack surface risk management with threat intelligence among others to its roster.

AdwebTech has also developed its own bespoke PKI software PDF AutoSigner Pro, which has seen wider acceptance during the pandemic scenario. The ambitious firm has consciously taken the position of a value-added distributor, in the cyber security value chain. "This allows us the flexibility to work with system integrators, value added resellers and in some cases for named accounts, directly with clients," adds Apurva.

Growing from Strength to Strength
Having chalked out a consistent revenue growth so far, AdwebTech now touches a topline of approximately 20 crores per annum, with a healthy bottom line; the firm intends to cross the Rs 100 cr revenue turnover mark by 2025. The firm is now working towards expanding its sales footprint into South India since the customer base in that region is more receptive to cyber security protection. Internationally, AdwebTech has set its eyes of UK, Indonesia and Vietnam as having great potential for quality system integration work in cyber security.

Attuning to corporate trends in the Pandemic era, the firm is looking to hire more remote workers not necessarily based in Mumbai to handle the back office and inside sales functions. The AdwebTech team is striving hard to add new cyber security management product ideas for in-house development in the years to come.