Accreate Additive Labs: Creating Innovative Designs into 3D Printed Objects via Advanced Technology, Industrial Expertise & Intricate Know-How

Ravi Shankar & Ravi Seshadri,Co-Founders

Ravi Seshadri, Co-Founder

With the capability of fabricating nano models with micro-dimensions, complex elements and accurate details, 3D printing technology has come a long way since its invention in 1980s. From visualizing human anatomy and creating intricate body parts to compounding unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing technology continues to ride the economic wave and is anticipated to be valued at $32.78 billion by 2023. Well-positioned in this thriving market and recognizing additive manufacturing’s high potential, Bengaluru-based Accreate Additive Labs stands tall as a pioneer in additive manufacturing and designs master models through cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art software and FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) approved materials and machinery.

The brainchild of Ravi Shankar & Ravi Seshadri (Co-Founders), established in 2018, Accreate Additive Labs emphasizes on design innovation and bestows path-breaking solutions to multiple industries, including healthcare, aerospace, defense, pharmaceuticals, drug testing establishments and cosmetic companies. The company’s DNA lies in its patented innovations namely – one-of-its-kind next generation smart prosthetic arm and military grade unmanned aerial vehicle/drone, hence intellectual property creation with high business relevance.
Topping that are Accreate Additive Labs’ breakthrough healthcare developments such as 3D human tissue bio-printing, orthotics/re-arm and simulators for human physiology that enables healthcare consortiums with tech-enhanced solutions. “We are among the first one to introduce 3D bioprinting of human tissue and mammalian tissues,” adds the duplet leaders. Providing pre-surgery models of patient’s body parts and developing new bio-inks for bio-printing are among the key offerings offered by Accreate Labs.

"Accreate Labs combines functional know-how with technological expertise to provide top-quality to its clients"

3D Experience Beyond Reality
Accreate Labs’ unique combination of biochemical, engineering and clinical expertise empowers healthcare segment with bio-printing and other innovative applications. While in-house, experienced workforce carves out 3D printing & design solutions in dedicated labs, the company combines functional know-how with technological expertise to provide top-quality to its clients, a characteristic deeply chiseled in Accreate Labs’ operational philosophy. Besides, it is a premier player in simulators design and production for a customized skill set that helps in bridging skill gap, pervasive in medical colleges and hospitals, and enables translational research in healthcare institutions. The company ensures to deliver exclusive designs for 3D prints within affordable price scale along with design optimization convenience.

Leveraging its partnership with Stratasys, Cellink, Materialize and Dassault Systemes for 3D printing machines, bio-printers, healthcare design software and 3D experience respectively, Accreate Additive
Labs caters to reputed clientele portfolio including Altem Techologies, AIIMS Hospital, Vittala International Ophthalmology Institute Eyecare (supplying eye prosthetics) and many more. Additionally, the company has partnered with leading industry experts and life science centres such as Narayana Health and Yenepoya deemed to be university’s Enterprise Research Centre (YRC), amongst others, to strategically blend their industry position with Accreate Lab’s advanced technology and subject matter expertise and offer an experience at par excellence.

Ravi Shankar, Co-Founder

Promising Prospects
Investing heavily in human resource for innovative R&D, Accreate Additive Labs is confident to cross Rs.10 million this fiscal year and is walking the quality path for receiving AS 9100D certification for servicing Tier-I and Tier-II major aerospace suppliers and manufacturers. Also, in the pipeline is the company’s expansion plan with a vision of becoming the global leader in future endeavours and continue growing at CAGR of 100+ percent. “We are extremely well aligned to serve the Make in India initiative launched by the government and engaged in solving India’s problems by using world expertise combined with engineering expertise,” concludes the maven duo.